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Don Tomas Special Edition Connecticut #600 Reviews [view details]

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I was never a fan of mild smoke `till I met Don Tomas. It was a creamy smooth smoke. Nice all the way to the nub.
Alberto Carlos in Chicago, IL July 30, 2013
"pretty good litey"
hay early sunday afternoon and waiting for my famous order to come in on monday i ran over to the dollar store to pick up a smoke for the day,and bought this one , i dont know why because i am a 95% maduro smoker, but what the heck, and the price was right....not bad, thought it might be a dry , tasteless cigar i was wrong, pretty good flavor, nice aroma, good burn and draw, good all the way through. the best lite cigar i've smoked, if i get a sale i'll pick up a 5 pack........pretty good
russell in brigantine,nj June 4, 2012
"Serious Tunneling Issues"
Have enjoyed these cigars for years, but have always experienced "tunneling" in 2-3 per box. In most recent box I've had 12 cigars "tunnel" out of 22 lit. Highly unlikely that I'll order this cigar again.
Paul in RI July 29, 2011
"Too mild for me"
Picked up a 5-pack on Cigar Monster to try out as an alternative morning smoke. This cigar looks great, is well-made, burns, draws and ashes decent. The taste is smooth and even builds some half-way into the cigar, but its just too mild for me, even for the first cigar of the day. Would be good for a newbie looking to get into premium cigars.
David in Piedmont NC September 6, 2010
"No doubt a great smoke for the money"
I prefer a medium strength cigar with some spice to it, but for the money you really can't go wrong with this very mild stick from Don Tomas. Presentation is good, tightly wrapped, even burn, nice draw and an easy, mild flavor. It's nothing special, but it's good for a casual smoke with your buddies or solo. Cheers
in August 9, 2010
"Good Smoke"
Good taste, draw, and make. Worth the $$$.
Rich in Coraopolis June 15, 2010
"Nice, mild creamy smoke"
This is a nice smoke when I'm lookng for a very mild stick. The 52 ring gauge has a good draw and quantity of smoke. There is not a lot of flavor but the tast is smooth and creamy throughout. A couple of sticks in the box were a tough draw but overall for the price I am very satisfied with the 600 and robusto
Bill in Moline, IL March 26, 2010
"Outstanding,They would"nt no a good cigar if it #*"
I have smoked cigars for 30 years,from all over the world,this is outstanding,value,price,well behaved,the way it should be.
Mark (The Cigar) in Orangeville October 22, 2008
"Amazing complexity for a milder smoke"
If you like something mild--but not too mild--these are great. No harshness or bitterness--just a lot of depth and a pleasant sweet/spicy flavor. Not bland at all--like a lot of milder cigars. Construction and burn are perfect. You can't relight them, though--it kills the flavor--smoke it all in one sitting.
Jerry in Connecticut September 16, 2008
"A stick of crap"
I smoked these years ago and liked them, so when they went on sale, I bought a box. What a mistake like sucking an apple thru a straw and the taste was terrible from the begining to the end. I tried three of these so far and there all consistent {Crap}.
Mark K in Boonton, NJ February 28, 2008
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10 Construction (82) 100
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