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"Fell apart!"
I received this cutter for free with a coupon. I'm glad I did not pay anything! It was not very sharp to begin with and needed a lot of force to cut even a small ring size. After two weeks the screws fell out and is not useless.
Rick in Aiken, SC October 22, 2012
It worked for a short time, then it fell apart when the screws fell out and couldn't be found.
roy k in westfield,nj November 25, 2011
"Decent for the Price"
Decent cutter, I have no complaints. Beats those cheap plastic one bladed cutters and day of the week. MAKE SURE YOU TIGHTEN THE SCREWS BEFORE USE!!! Can't stress that enough. Screws come loose from factory. If you don't tighten them, you will lose at least one. Other than that, I think it is a pretty good little cutter. Not a bad gift idea, either.
Andrew in Tuscaloosa, AL August 23, 2011
At any price this isn't worth it, not worth the price of shipping!
T Jones in Seattle April 7, 2011
I had the misfortune of buying one of these at auction. The brass screws are tiny and they either loosen easily or they were loose when the cutter got to me. One fell out and when that happens, you'll never be able to find the tiny thing. Even if you did, you'd never be able to get it back in the cutter. Spend your money on something else.
Ted in Georgia November 7, 2010
worst cutter i've ever had, doesn't make a straight even cut, it was kind dull compared to my other cutters (even my cheap ones). first day i got it i showed to my friends and the screw came out and i was able to fix it, next time i used it the screw broke. its only good as a show piece an has no practical use. DO NOT BUY THIS
mark in west virgina September 5, 2010
"breaks easy"
got it the first day, the screw came lose and fell out rendering it useless
big al in newyork July 24, 2010
"beautiful cutter"
just received this cutter in the mail, it comes with a nice flat box. ive gotten soo many compliments, people cant believe the price . thanks guys
stavros in naperville ,IL June 28, 2010