Double Blade Stainless Oval Cigar Cutter: Silver Finish And Brass Screws

Silver Cigar Cutter
Silver Finish And Brass Screws

$9.99Retail Price: $ 20.00
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Is your cigar cutter becoming a bit dull? Cure your boredom with this low-cost oval cigar cutter from Orleans. Smooth twin-blade guillotine action gives you hundreds of shred-free cuts, and the durable stainless steel housing assures long life. At this price you can even afford to buy a second.
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"Fell apart! "
I received this cutter for free with a coupon. I'm glad I did not pay anything! ... more
Rick in Aiken, SC
"short-lived "
It worked for a short time, then it fell apart when the screws fell out and cou... more
roy k in westfield,nj
"Decent for the Price "
Decent cutter, I have no complaints. Beats those cheap plastic one bladed cutter... more
Andrew in Tuscaloosa, AL
"JUNK!! "
At any price this isn't worth it, not worth the price of shipping!
T Jones in Seattle
"Avoid "
I had the misfortune of buying one of these at auction. The brass screws are ti... more
Ted in Georgia
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