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Double Blade Stainless Round Cigar Cutter Reviews [view details]

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"Fine cutter"
Cuts great had it for 2 weeks . Yes the screws do come loose but its not like you can't tighten them back up and my friend has the same cutter and his dosent have the same problem with the same cutter . I find that if you tighten them all down there's no problem with this product. Sometimes you get a lazy person who's putting them together at the factory just dosn't put it together as well as another dosen't mean condem the product as a piece of crap and like everything you buy you got to take care of if . The open and closing of these cutters is really the only flaw if I could say so . After a period of time you might want to dab a little of olive oil in the slides so they move freely and that's it . My thoughts nice cutters and cuts clean every time if well maintained or go buy something more expensive and get the same job done with more money out of your pocket and sleep better ( ps. I would buy again ) .
Kenneth in Tucson az. August 2, 2013
"Horrible construction, Fell apart"
Fell apart within 5 cuts, thought it was an okay cutter at first felt cheap but ok but I placed it in a bag with cigar stuff to open and find it in 3 pieces...the cheaper black plastic ones are worth much more than this
Dylan J. in South Carolina June 17, 2013
"Thoughtless construction..."
I initially gave this cutter a great review on the two-tone model. About two days later, it fell apart. Two screws just disappeared, rendering it totally useless. And try to find those miniscule screws in your pocket, and, if you do, you'd better have microscopic vision and a good set of jewelers screwdrivers ready at hand. Save your money.
jetdrvr in Central Flroida May 19, 2012
"What's the problem?"
Why all the bad reviews on this cutter? I smoke coronas exclusively and have'nt had a problem yet! What are these other guys doing-cutting down tree limbs?
Bill in Md. April 13, 2012
"Piece of Junk"
Not very sharp, brass screws fall out. You could buy bolts and nuts to replace (2mm)and put on with threadlock, or you could buy a better cutter.
mojo in March 11, 2012
"It's just fine"
I bought this because of the reviews. I only smoke 2 or 3 cigars a week and I use a punch cutter on most. I only use this cutter on torpedo's. So I bought this poorly reviewed cutter because loctite is $3.
Jason in Bellevue February 19, 2012
"bad and cheap"
I bought this cutter and it lasted exactly one day before it fell apart and its a bad design don,t waste your time or money.
Joe in MO October 10, 2011
"Very good item....."
Although I read the reviews before I ordered this cutter...I ordered it anyway. The price was right, and before it had a chance to fall apart, I went to the hardware store and bought 1o miniature screws and nuts(about $2.50). Replaced the cheap ones with the stainless ones and now I have a heavy duty cutter which can be disassembled and sharpened to a razors edge. Worth what little extra effort was needed to gain a lifetime tool.
Paul in U.S. February 1, 2011
"2 Weeks!!!"
It lasted less than 2 weeks!!! That should sum it up.
Duane W. in Salt LakeCity December 5, 2010
"No Better Than Cheap Plastic Cutter"
At first blush it looks rugged. On the second cut it fell apart. The screws obviously were loose. I was able to retrieve them and then tightened all of them. A few days later it fell apart again. This time the screws were gone and so was my use of the cutter. In a word: 'USELESS."
Mike in Texas October 1, 2010