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Double Blade Stainless Round Cigar Cutter Reviews [view details]

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"great cutter"
brouht one and still useing it i keep it in tin box that it came in and i take it to work in my pocket still look new i will buy anther one u have to treat it like a cigar u dont sit on it
antonio in n.j. September 9, 2010
"Poor Design"
I purchased two of these cutters and gave one to my father. His quickly fell apart and several of the screws were lost, so it's now useless. The one I kept suffered the same fate. The manufacturer should have used rivets instead of screws. I would not recommend this cutter to anyone.
Joe in San Mateo, CA July 8, 2010
This cutter is......Dangerous!!!!!! BAD CONSTRACTION!!!! USED ONCE! AND FELL APART!!!!!!!!!!
chris in virginia March 16, 2010
"Very poor construction"
I received this cutter in the mail and took it for an outing of golf. Halfway through the course, I put my hand in my pocket and pulled the cutter out in 20 pieces. I believe the screws weren't tightened well. If you do get one, make sure to tighten the small screws before putting it in your pocket.
Joe D in West Paml Beach, FL February 27, 2010