Double Blade Stainless Round Cigar Cutter: Silver Finish And Brass Screws

Silver Finish And Brass Screws

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Is your cigar cutter starting to become dull? Cure your boredom with this low-cost cigar cutter from Orleans. Smooth twin-blade guillotine action gives you hundreds of shred-free cuts, and the durable stainless steel housing assures long life. At this price you can afford to buy a backup, too.
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"Fine cutter "
Cuts great had it for 2 weeks . Yes the screws do come loose but its not like yo ...  more
Kenneth in Tucson az.
"Horrible construction, Fell apart "
Fell apart within 5 cuts, thought it was an okay cutter at first felt cheap but ...  more
Dylan J. in South Carolina
"Thoughtless construction... "
I initially gave this cutter a great review on the two-tone model. About two da ...  more
jetdrvr in Central Flroida
"What's the problem? "
Why all the bad reviews on this cutter? I smoke coronas exclusively and have'nt ...  more
Bill in Md.
"Piece of Junk "
Not very sharp, brass screws fall out. You could buy bolts and nuts to replace ( ...  more
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