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Drew Estate Accessories And Samplers Reviews

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'Best Of Drew Estate' Sampler
"Great Sampler"
Worth every cent. This is a great value if you get it for under $32. Just be aware that the Isla del Sol is a sandwich roll best cut with a Shuriken cutter so the bits of baccy don't get in your mouth.
Eric in Louisville September 4, 2014
'Best Of Drew Estate' Sampler
"Excellent Sample"
Drew Estates are an amazing producer of cigars and their infusions are incredible. I'm sick and tired of some of these boorish neanderthals on here like Dusty in Iowa and John in Red Hill. If you don't like infused cigars, don't buy Drew Estates. HOWEVER, I've NEVER shared any of Drew Estates cigars with someone who didn't go on and on about how wonderful they were and how the light infusion leaves a wonderful taste on your lips whereas the tobacco is a fine filler with deep tobacco taste. For the rest of you, go try an Acid, Java or Isla Del Sol - if you like any of them, you will be a fan of Drew Estates. For the boorish, feel free to smoke whatever makes you happy and stop bashing this wonderful product.
John in Nashville March 22, 2014
'Best Of Drew Estate' Sampler
"not for your average cigar smoker"
The natural robusto was pretty pretty good with my coffee.As was the Tabak especial.These are all sweet flavor infused types so if you dont like that sort of thing just skip this sampler.I normaly dont smoke sweet cigars but if I have a craving for one it will be a drew estate crafted one
Mike H in Ocean park WA October 18, 2013
'Best Of Drew Estate' Sampler
"My Faves From My Fave Maker"
All of these are great. Love every one! You get to sample 2 of each of these gems from coffee, to sweet, to spices. If you ever wanted to try Drew's cigars, you need to start here. You will not be disappointed in any of these. A 10+ across the entire sampler pack!
Jim Siegfried in Easton, PA October 16, 2013
'Best Of Drew Estate' Sampler
"Best of?"
Best of Drew Estate's cheaper alternative infused cigars would be a more accurate title I think, but the price demonstrates this. You get what you pay for in the end.
Jim Siegfried in Easton, PA October 16, 2013 August 20, 2013
Drew After Dark
"Incredible Deal"
Usually when you get a sampler there's 1 or 2 cigars that aren't worth your time, but not with this sampler. All five cigars are very good and at this price you're stealing. If you like the Drew Estate cigars this sampler is a must.
Andrew in Boston, MA July 11, 2013
'Best Of Drew Estate' Sampler
These were horrible, worst $40 ever spent on cigars. They should put in the description, the wrapper taste will last for days, I seriously almost puked.
John in Red Hill, Pa June 6, 2013
'Best Of Drew Estate' Sampler
I agree with the guy who said, "Save your money and go buy some White Owls, and spray a bunch of cologne on them, and dip them in sugar. In a word, "Unsmokable"!" Tabak wasn't as bad. Didn't cake your mouth with sugar like the others.
Lisa in UP April 12, 2013
'Best Of Drew Estate' Sampler
"Loved this sample"
I loved this sample. I have tried a few different ones, and this was easily the best one. Drew Estate has definitely joined my preferred list.
Jay in Georgia February 28, 2013
'Best Of Drew Estate' Sampler
The best sampler I have tried and the price unreal I love them.
WCL in Baltimore September 14, 2012
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