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Drew Estate Samplers Reviews

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'Best Of Drew Estate' Sampler
"Acid Cigars"
Acid's a good cigar, their problem is that their way over priced, you don't get what you pay for.
Jay in Hartford, Ct May 4, 2012
'Best Of Drew Estate' Sampler
Save your money and go buy some White Owls, and spray a bunch of cologne on them, and dip them in sugar. In a word, "Unsmokable"!
Dusty in Iowa February 16, 2012
'Best Of Drew Estate' Sampler
This is a wonderful assortment of cigars. I think I may never buy just one again when I can get so many different experiences in one package.
Donta in Baltimore September 7, 2011
'Best Of Drew Estate' Sampler
"Very impressed"
Haven't gotten through them all yet but they've been great so far. Awesome flavor, not too sweet, just right.
Justin in MI September 6, 2011
'Best Of Drew Estate' Sampler
these turned out to be alot better than I thought they would be. When I first got them and opened the box the aroma made me think o crap. But being open minded (sorta) I gave them a try. These have turned out to be great. Not something I would smoke everyday but something different and out of the norm.
Mike in Oregon August 23, 2011
'Best Of Drew Estate' Sampler
Excellent sampler. A true selection of what makes Drew Estate cigars the best there are.
Brandon in Florida August 18, 2011
'Best Of Drew Estate' Sampler
"Great buy"
A great mixture of cigars. There are some really earthy tasting cigars in this combo. You can not go wrong with the kubba kubba. They are close to a 1400. The isle de sol was my favorite. Highly recommend for anyone looking to try a sampler.
Nick in St. Louis June 28, 2011
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