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Dunhill Aged Condados Reviews [view details]

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"Follow up - Famous smoke is awesome, good cigars"
So after my previous review about the issues i had with these, i emailed famous smoke shop and explained to them the issues i was having and how hard these were to draw. They immediately sent me a return label and replaced them for me. That's great customer service. I got a new box a few days ago and i have to say that i really like these cigars. Mild, creamy, very flavorful. Great at the price-about $6 a stick on a box purchase. Great for a daily smoke.
K in NYC March 16, 2013
"not consistent at all (or consistently bad)"
Smoked 2 out of the box of 10 and they both had horrible draw problems to the point that they were both wastes. They had at least 3 spots on each cigar that were hard as a rock, which is a shame because they really do taste pretty good. For the price of $6.50/stick on a 10 pack, it would be a great daily cigar if it was made well.
K in NYC February 20, 2013
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