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Dunhill Aged Dominican Reviews

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Dunhill Aged Dominican Diamantes
"too light in taste"
While I like mild cigars, this is a very, very light smoke - almost tasteless. Not up to the Dunhill name.
mike in hawaii September 3, 2008
Dunhill Aged Dominican Peravias
CUBE in WILMINGTON, DE August 5, 2008
Dunhill Aged Dominican Cabreras (Tube)
"Excellent Premium Cigar"
My favorite cigar. Mild, great construction, smooth tatse, great draw, and very consistent to the end. Yeah, it's expensive, but worth it.
Glen in Honolulu July 28, 2008
Dunhill Aged Dominican Altamiras (Tube)
"Smooth, and delightful"
This was my first cigar, so inlight a very pleasent smoke, very smooth.
Jim in Hutchinson Ks. June 18, 2008
Dunhill Aged Dominican Cabreras (Tube)
"Extremely overpriced,mediocre taste poor construct"
You have to suck the cigar constantly to keep it lit. Smoked four of them, every one cracks and splits. Should've hve cost a fraction of the advertised price.The King has no cloth.
jake in Chicagoland June 4, 2008
Dunhill Aged Dominican Peravias
"aberlutly amazing"
an amazing smoke 5* trully recomended for any true smoker
calum in oxford May 9, 2008
Dunhill Aged Dominican Peravias
"A Must Have"
Been smoking them for 12yrs there the best mild cigar out there,trust me
Jeff W. in WISCONSIN January 20, 2008
Dunhill Aged Dominican Condados
"Great lite smoke"
This is a great lite smoke. Like the other review, I was looking for something lighter as well. This fits the bill. Quite similar to the Patel Connecticut. If you like the Connecticut, this Dunhill is not quite as full, but still rewarding. Also a little less expensive too. I don't mean to imply the Dunhill can replace the Patel; because they are close, but still two very different sticks. I recommend giving it a try no matter what you cigar history is.
Bryan in Lubbock December 29, 2007
Dunhill Aged Dominican Altamiras (Tube)
"Would Have Been Good"
I thought I would try these and my wife smoked then all before I even had one. They must be very good.
James in Dallas, TX December 2, 2007
Dunhill Aged Dominican Samanas
I have enjoyed Dunhill cigars over the years and found them of high quality. However, the recent box of Samanas is a big disappointment. The burn is lousy. Construction poor--Not just one or two from the box, but so far everyone of the 10 I have tried.
Ron in NJ February 28, 2004
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