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Dunhill Aged Dominican Reviews

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Dunhill Aged Dominican Altamiras (Tube)
"Would Have Been Good"
I thought I would try these and my wife smoked then all before I even had one. They must be very good.
James in Dallas, TX December 2, 2007
Dunhill Aged Dominican Samanas
I have enjoyed Dunhill cigars over the years and found them of high quality. However, the recent box of Samanas is a big disappointment. The burn is lousy. Construction poor--Not just one or two from the box, but so far everyone of the 10 I have tried.
Ron in NJ February 28, 2004
Dunhill Aged Dominican Peravias
"Dunhill Dominican Smooth as Silk..."
I actually smoked the fatter "Esplendido" - a marathon smoke at 8.50" x 52... and it is just fantastic! Never harsh, great draw, never bitter... puff, puff, puff, puff... you need to have between 60 and 90 minutes to dedicate to such a monstrosity, but after your first one, expect to be dedicating the time on a more regular basis. Love'em.
Tony More in Philadelphia, PA February 12, 2004
Dunhill Aged Dominican Condados
"a staple for every humidor"
As a smoker of primarily Cuban cigars, I was looking for a good mild cigar to keep my palate in check. I found them in the Dunhills. I've enjoyed Dunhill cigars for the last 6 years and all is I can say is "amazing" These cigars are flawless in construction and appreance. The draw and burn have always been above average. These are mild cigars so don't expect anything to complex flavor wise, but if you're looking for something to enjoy anytime of the day this is it. I often smoke these outside or at social events when I want that great cigar taste but don't have an oppurtunity to really sit down and mull over the flavors and complexity of say the Cuban limitadas or Opus X. Buy a box, you won't be dissapointed.
Jon in Sacramento, CA June 20, 2003
Dunhill Aged Dominican Altamiras (Tube)
"A beautiful aromatic consistent smoke"
These cigars have been on the top of my favourites list since I began smoking cigars about 6 years ago. They were the second type I tried and I reckon I was spoiled very early on. Expensive, yes, but for a special smoke that won't take all day, these are the only man. Beautiful, consistent quality and sure to draw comments from others about the pleasant aroma. Top drawer..!!
Dave in Ireland June 6, 2003
Dunhill Aged Dominican Peravias
"Inventory Status"
When will you have stock on these ? I wish to purchase a box. Please advise. Thanks
Eugene R. Gray Jr. in Eden Prairie, MN 55347 September 5, 2000
Dunhill Aged Dominican Cabreras (Tube)
"A Trusted Travel- and Friend-Friendly Companion"
I discovered the Dunhill Cabrera in 1993 and have been in love ever since. As a friend of mine once observed, "It's a certain 50 minutes of rich, pleasurable smoking without that 'I smoked a cigar last night' taste the next morning." I've tried a wide range of cigars over the years and, without exception, always returned. My only frustration with this soothing smoke has been in watching its price rocket upward (from just under $7 in my undergraduate days to as high as $14 in 1998); almost needless to say, a price of $7.41 (with shipping) is a treat that warrants both my first box purchase and my first online cigar transaction. (Thank you FAMOUS-SMOKE for your www.infobeat.com banner advertisement---you hooked me!) With its travel-friendly tube, affordable price, and alluringly rich plumes wafting overhead, you're certain to enjoy a smoke with newfound friends anywhere in the world. It may be your first cigar or your fifty-third this quarter, but I guarantee with this Churchill-sized Dunhill glowing in hand, you're in for a treat!
Devin in Washington, DC June 2, 2000
Dunhill Aged Dominican Samanas
"Always a mild smoke with a smooth draw"
I enjoy a smooth, milder type of cigar, and generally prefer a narrow ring guage. The consistency of taste, draw, construction and pleasant aroma makes the Dunhill Aged Samanas one of my favorites at a reasonable price from Famous.
James C. in Atlanta, Georgia April 14, 2000
Dunhill Aged Dominican Altamiras (Tube)
"Absolutely, hands down, the best cigar around."
It is truely a shame I can't bring myself to spend $10 on a cigar every day of the year. If I could, this would be the only cigar I would smoke. The Dunhill Aged Altamiras is, without a doubt, in a class by itself. This cigar is well worth every penny, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves a first rate smoke.
Scott G. in Illinois March 15, 2000
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