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Dunhill Aged Peravias Reviews [view details]

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"Value-priced Cuban replica"
This is a milder cigar whose subtle flavor profile is comparable to several Habanos - most notably, the H. Upman Magnum 50. While not quite as toasty as the Magnum 50, this stick offers up lighter, more nuanced flavors which become more pronounced as the stick progresses, and oils accumulate. The construction of this cigar could be better; the wrapper seems a bit light, thin, and delicate for a Churchill sized cigar, and the burn was uneven. Some tunneling has been experienced, but is best mitigated but cutting and relighting. That said, when this stick burns even, the draw is smooth, and the creamy white smoke is plentiful and full of flavor. This is an otherwise very enjoyable cigar, particularly for the price, and is readily more available than its Cuban counterpart.
David A. in Seattle June 20, 2014
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