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Dutch Masters Reviews

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Dutch Masters Palma Chocolate
"Way to go DM."
These are a great cigar so good they are almost addicting.95 all the way.
Vaughn in Indianapolis. In. February 23, 2015
Dutch Masters Corona Honey Sports (4)
These are the pinnacle of the Dutch Masters series IMO. i am so happy they brought these back, and Redesigned! they have Amazing honey taste and a beautiful fresh leaf. 5/5 all day.
Justin in Pennsylvania February 23, 2015
Dutch Masters Palma
"An Old Friend."
Smoked these a few years back. Still a great cigar for the money.
Vaughn in Indianapolis, IN February 7, 2015
Dutch Masters Corona De Luxe
"Worth Spending Time With"
Have smoked many pricey high end cigars. DM Corona De Luxe is a bargain. Mild yet satisfying. Soft nutty taste. Tastes like tobacco, not candy. Smoked nearly a box full before I began to fully appreciate them. Spend some time with these. Well worth it. Use a cutter.
Brent F. in San Antonio Texas December 11, 2014
Dutch Masters Honey Sports
"Very Nice"
Opened easily, nice scent of honey. Construction was good except punch off center. Draw was ok so lit anyway. It immediately started to burn unevenly down the side the punch was on. Harsh and poor taste. Clipped it and cleaned loose bits up. After that it was very nice with better draw. Even burn, mild, smooth and nice flavor. The candela wrapper and filler nicely balanced. Surprisingly good ash. Stayed good down to just over an inch left, then started getting hot/harsh and slightly bitter. Overall, very nice, much better than expected with the caveat of clipping and not going with the punch. I used a single edge razor blade.
Paul in Indiana October 11, 2014
Dutch Masters Vanilla Sports 2/25 Uprights
"Better Than E-Cigarettes"
With all the new flavored E-cigarettes I thought I would try some, but I still enjoy the Dutch Master Vanilla Sport the best.
JD in Ocean City, MD September 17, 2014
Dutch Masters Palma
Man , these are really my favorite Caribbean machine made so far ! The ones I ve smoke drew and burned perfect . The flavor is mild and tasty .. this cigar doesn t cut out half way down either . I prefer it to most handmade bundle cigars I ve tried
John in Fannin County Georgia September 11, 2014
Dutch Masters President
Definitely a good price for cigars, but was a little disappointing. Been smoking Antonio Y Cleopatras for a while, but saw that not only were these cheaper they were also rated higher than the AYC's so I thought I'd try them. They're not bad, but I think I will be going back to the AYC's unless I find another cheaper good brand.
JASON in OHIO August 20, 2014
Dutch Masters Palma Green
"Almost like pipe tobacco"
Unwrapped the box and was treated to a powerful aroma - these have a very fragrant, almost candy like quality to them. It s hard to describe, but I find myself craving that flavor now and then. It s good! The homogenized construction make these very smokeable with a consistent draw, they re really a pleasure. They make TONS of smoke and burn evenly with a big orange cherry. Classic Dutch Masters, their quality control is excellent so if you ve ever smoked one you already know how these will be, the only difference is the flavor. For an inexpensive smoke I definitely recommend you try the green palma!
Steve in Michigan August 3, 2014
Dutch Masters President
"Always a good smoke"
Started smoking Dutch Masters in England when in the Air Force back in the late 50s. Smoked Fuente s in the 90s but price got away from me. 858s were my favorite. This is a mild, reasonably constructed machine made that has consistency of taste.
Barry in Arizona July 25, 2014
La Floridita Gold
Amilcar Perez Castro