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Dutch Masters Reviews

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Dutch Masters Honey Sports
"15 minute time to open cigars"
I have been smoking these Honey Sport cigars for over a year. I buy them in a box of 55 cigars. The last batch I bought, had no pull tab, and took several minutes to open one of the god damned things without breaking a cigar. yOU HAVE RECENTLY WENT FROM "Dutch Masters" to "Such Disasters". Frequently, I buy them in 4 packs, and sometimes they ALL HAVE A BREAK IN THEM! If I continue to have this problem with these cigars, I will embark on a campaign supported by photos and facts to show what kind of product you produce. I don't know what happened, but get "Lenny and Squiggy" off the assembly line and maybe it will get fixed. I'm very disappointed, and one more bad cigar, and I will go to my former cigars, which I NEVER HAD THESE PROB LEMS WITH.
William in New Port Richey, FL July 31, 2013
Dutch Masters President
"Excellent Flavor, good smoke"
Robert F Lambert in 1741 Willow Circle Dr, Crest H July 8, 2013
Dutch Masters President
"President's are cheap but pretty good"
I've smoked them plenty of times. They are cheap but have a decent flavor. Which is really what counts and you have money left over for other things.
Jonathan in Blackfoot June 30, 2013
Dutch Masters Palma Chocolate
"Chocolate flavor is definetely good."
I guess i'll just start this off with the list to the left as my review.. 1.)Burn: 70/100 reason behind that is 2 of the 3 I have smoked so far has burned funny, about half way down when meeting a stem, (or vein) on the wrapper it began to slow on one side while the heat transferred into that vein. 2.)Consistency: 100/100 very consistent in both flavor departments being taste of the tobacco, and the chocolate flavor 3.)Draw: 100/100 It has a Small Hole in the bottom of the Cap. I'm guessing they want you to draw through, but you just can't get enough Air through there so get some Cutters with them, it's the best way. 4.)Appearance: 100/100 It has a nice Dark Tobacco Wrapper, machine rolled with a Cap on the end with a Small (almost non existant) Hole in it. 5.)Taste: 100/100 The Chocolate Flavor comes through all the way to the last hit. I typically smoke them down to 1/3 or 1/4 depending on how much Time I have. The best way to describe the Flavor unlit out of the wrapper is a Tootsie Roll, but a dry hit is more of an Oreo Cakester. While lit the chocolate flavor seems to still come through, but the Tobacco taste is certainly there and I would describe It like most people have described other Cigars, A white peppery woody taste, but It's almost completely masked by Chocolate. the taste is sweet, but not too sweet. 6.)Construction: 70/100 The Construction is mediocre at best I've heard others down the foil wrapper, but I haven't had one tear wrong yet. I plan on saving 3 of Them for more Social events, or People/Friends who just enjoy your occasional Convenience Store Cigar. 7.) Overall: 80/100 When I lit My first One, i was impressed, but noticed the room note first of all, it isn't pungent like some Cigars I've had but it certainly had that smell if someone were smoking one you would definitely know they were smoking a cigar.
David B in Anniston AL June 23, 2013
Dutch Masters Palma Wine
"What has happend to the quality!"
I used to enjoy your Ducth Masters Palma Wine full size cigars.Quality has gotten really bad.Allmost each pack has a poorly product wrapped or damaged product. One or both are poreley wrapped or has a bad tip.Im sure this isn't the first complaint about this you have have received on this issue. This is a factory problem,not shipping or storage.Shopped at diffrent stores same result.Pretty bad to have to throw one away.Not cheap either.Please help out a little.Sure you wont miss one costumer but tired of being ripped off!
Roger Davis in 704 wells Lane Snow Camp NC 27 June 21, 2013
Dutch Masters Honey Sports
"Sweet, Smooth, Favorite cheap smoke"
Out of the whole Dutch master, swisher, white owl, cheap cigar family, this is my top choice. Always have a few on hand. Nice sweet taste on the wrapper, easy smoke. No complaints
Adam in Buffalo, NY June 6, 2013
Dutch Masters Vanilla Sports 2/25 Uprights
"Best flavored Cigar made"
This is the best flavored cigar made. The only cigar that people who don't smoke actually say "that smell great".
Jeff in Virginia May 9, 2013
Dutch Masters Palma
"cheap cigar"
Super thin Connecticut broadleaf wrapper, paper binder, and the filler is just shredded tobacco, kinda like a giant cigarette. Probably better than the other cigars at the gas station, but a pale imitator of a true cigar.Very mild, with no real flavor or strength. the only good thing I have to say is if you are just starting to smoke cigars, these are cheap and smokeable, and you can practice cutting and lighting on them.
Dave in Boston, MA April 12, 2013
Dutch Masters Honey Sports
I have smoked these for years but lately at least 50% are damaged inside the wrapper. Since they eliminated the band they are hard to open and most are damaged right in the band area. I'm looking for a new cigar.
MARTIN in FLORIDA April 5, 2013
Dutch Masters Corona De Luxe
"As fine a cigar as can be had at the price"
Great flavor, nice Aroma.
Wade in Rocky Mount March 28, 2013
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