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Dutch Masters Reviews

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Dutch Masters Vanilla Sports 2/25 Uprights
"Best flavored Cigar made"
This is the best flavored cigar made. The only cigar that people who don't smoke actually say "that smell great".
Jeff in Virginia May 9, 2013
Dutch Masters Palma
"cheap cigar"
Super thin Connecticut broadleaf wrapper, paper binder, and the filler is just shredded tobacco, kinda like a giant cigarette. Probably better than the other cigars at the gas station, but a pale imitator of a true cigar.Very mild, with no real flavor or strength. the only good thing I have to say is if you are just starting to smoke cigars, these are cheap and smokeable, and you can practice cutting and lighting on them.
Dave in Boston, MA April 12, 2013
Dutch Masters Honey Sports
I have smoked these for years but lately at least 50% are damaged inside the wrapper. Since they eliminated the band they are hard to open and most are damaged right in the band area. I'm looking for a new cigar.
MARTIN in FLORIDA April 5, 2013
Dutch Masters Corona De Luxe
"As fine a cigar as can be had at the price"
Great flavor, nice Aroma.
Wade in Rocky Mount March 28, 2013
Dutch Masters Honey Sports
"great tasting"
Great tasting cigar. However, many times there is difficulty in unwrapping the cigar which cause damage to the cigar - like these are seconds!
Wayne in Ocala Fl January 21, 2013
Dutch Masters Palma
"Not good cigar"
Taste is horrible compared to other same brand cigars even the burn and construction are good.
Mark in USA January 20, 2013
Dutch Masters Panetela
"great mach. made cigar."
Overall good cigar with an extremely subtle and slight hint of orange that occasionally permeates in its overall taste-very unique.
sam in s jersey December 20, 2012
Dutch Masters President
"dutch masters for good"
left the elproducto brand will stay with dutch masters brand all the time no more switching
mike in ct November 21, 2012
Dutch Masters President
"They are well worth it"
Mild and smooth, these are the perfect blend of affordability and downright good taste. They burn very evenly and slowly which give a much better flavor. The taste is hard to really describe, its not very sweet though it isn't to bitter either. Quality of the wrapper is excellent and the filler is sublime. Goes great with coffee and has a very pungent oder. The best example of what a stogie should be.
Greg in Wisconsin November 1, 2012
Dutch Masters Palma Chocolate
"good for price"
A great buy for the money, but what is up with the wrapper? About 1/2 open, the other 1/2, good luck.
Todd in Cullman Alabama September 1, 2012
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