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Dutch Masters Reviews

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Dutch Masters President
"dutch masters for good"
left the elproducto brand will stay with dutch masters brand all the time no more switching
mike in ct November 21, 2012
Dutch Masters President
"They are well worth it"
Mild and smooth, these are the perfect blend of affordability and downright good taste. They burn very evenly and slowly which give a much better flavor. The taste is hard to really describe, its not very sweet though it isn't to bitter either. Quality of the wrapper is excellent and the filler is sublime. Goes great with coffee and has a very pungent oder. The best example of what a stogie should be.
Greg in Wisconsin November 1, 2012
Dutch Masters Palma Chocolate
"good for price"
A great buy for the money, but what is up with the wrapper? About 1/2 open, the other 1/2, good luck.
Todd in Cullman Alabama September 1, 2012
Dutch Masters Palma
"Low tier cigar"
These can be found in most drug stores/small lotto stores for about $1, avoid buying at all cost as they are mass produced and as low quality as they come.
Mike in New York August 16, 2012
Dutch Masters President
"going back to dutch masters"
tried three different machine made cigars and im making dutch masters my main brand good smokin cigars will never change cigars again will stay with dutch masters everyday
mike in ct August 16, 2012
Dutch Masters Palma Wine
"best cigar i tasted"
best tasteing cigar i had smooth burn is good draw is good try a box you won t be disapointed a great smoke
mike in ct August 12, 2012
Dutch Masters Corona De Luxe
Was unpleasant. Didn't burn evenly, the wrap fell apart midway through, felt like I was sucking air with no results, and I gave up after it kept putting itself out. My favorite cigar is a Montecristo, and I've learned my lesson on deviating due to cost.
Brian in Northwest Georgia August 2, 2012
Dutch Masters Palma
So I tried the Panatala. It was just ok. It is a quick burning cigar. The taste is just ok. I still continue to smoke the Palmas. Great cigar to start the day with. I updated my opinion stats about the Palma. Thanks Dutch Master.
Ray in Maine July 8, 2012
Dutch Masters Palma
"Palma Second review"
I have now been smoking cigars for 1 month. I start my morning off with a Palma cigar. Great way to start the day. Still enjoy them. I will be trying another Dutch Master brand, Panetela, soon. I will let you know what I think. Thanks Dutch Master for a great cigar.
Ray in Maine June 19, 2012
Dutch Masters Palma
I just started smoking cigars. I tried a few brands. I find the Palma to give a smooth drag and great burn. The taste is good. No strong after taste left. A new Dutch Masters Palma customer for sure.
Ray in Maine June 7, 2012
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