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Dutch Masters Reviews

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Dutch Masters Vanilla Sports 2/25 Uprights
"Smooth and Mild"
The Dutch Masters Vanilla Sport is the only smoke I can enjoy at this price. I'm a casual smoker and I enjoy the moment everytime I light up. I like the taste, Smell and smooth, not bitter or harsh smoke.
Doug in Tennessee June 6, 2012
Dutch Masters Palma
"Horrible taste"
As everyone has mentioned, the packaging is awful. My tab tore off, and its quite the challenge to get the cigar out of the packaging without tearing the cigar wrapper. In addition, I could not stand the taste. It tasted like sour milk. Not a fan at all.
John in Maryland May 27, 2012
Dutch Masters Palma
To Whom this may Concern, I have been purchasing Palma Dutch Masters for years and recently(the past month) every Palma Dutch Masters item I have purchased has been stale, dried out and or cracked. I'm very unhappy, considering the item has increased in price, and decreased in quality. I hope this can be fixed with-in the company or I will have to take my business somewhere else which I would rather not do, but if its the case then I will. Thank You for your time again, Krysten Volpe My Contact information: (631)525-6408
Krysten in Melville April 8, 2012
Dutch Masters President
"give it a puff"
i can honestly say i changed my cigar from elproducto to dutch masters presidents easy draw smooth taste plenty of smoke rings glad i made the change give dutch masters a try
mike in ct March 28, 2012
Dutch Masters Palma
Love the Palma, but the wrappers are very difficult to un-wrap. Wasted several cigars because the tab does not appear on most and when it does it rips.
Michael in Centreville, MD March 13, 2012
Dutch Masters Palma
The palmasd are a fine cigar but the wrappers are horrible. Thoe little pull tabs on the individual cigars are ghorrible. I ruined 3 cigars last week trting to get the wrappeers off of them.
Bill Rex in Lakewood, NJ February 5, 2012
Dutch Masters Palma Green
"great cigars but hard to find in retail stores"
I really enjoy the Dutch Master Green Palma. It's a mild, good tasting cigar. People near by always compliment the aroma of the Green Palma.
Frank M in Leland, NC February 5, 2012
Dutch Masters Palma
"Smooth taste and draw!"
This is a very good cigar for an everyday cigar smoker. Fix the foil wrapper problem though! They can be hard to open.
Rayzor in Canton, Illinois February 1, 2012
Dutch Masters Palma
I usually smoke and enjoy the Dutch Master Palma's but this past week has been a disaster for me. That little open tag on the cigar did not work coccectly. The pull tag ripped and tore and I had to use my finger nails to extricate the cigar from the plastic wrapping resultine with my tearing the outer wrapper of the cigar itself on the cigars making it impossible to smoke because it would not draw for me. I am more than a lttle upset with this situation.
Bill Rex in Lakewood, NJ January 5, 2012
Dutch Masters Palma Green
"very good"
never been a big fan of claro leaf, however, these are surprising good.
michael f in virginia October 12, 2011
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