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Dutch Masters Honey Sports Reviews [view details]

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"Very Nice"
Opened easily, nice scent of honey. Construction was good except punch off center. Draw was ok so lit anyway. It immediately started to burn unevenly down the side the punch was on. Harsh and poor taste. Clipped it and cleaned loose bits up. After that it was very nice with better draw. Even burn, mild, smooth and nice flavor. The candela wrapper and filler nicely balanced. Surprisingly good ash. Stayed good down to just over an inch left, then started getting hot/harsh and slightly bitter. Overall, very nice, much better than expected with the caveat of clipping and not going with the punch. I used a single edge razor blade.
Paul in Indiana October 11, 2014
"not for the unskilled!"
i think any 1 having issues with the unwrapping etc... switch to another easy brand and those of u whom are having problems with the packages u can directly speak with dutch masters and have them replaced and get free 1s for it and i mean only did it when it was unusable been doing it for years check it out!!
ben in nh April 21, 2014
"Hoped it would be good."
After reading some of the reviews I had hope they would be a good cheap smoke. I used to smoke Phillies Honey Cigarillos but you can't get them anymore. I decided try these. Not much taste to it and a bad after taste. The burn and the draw were decent. I don't know what other people see in them. Yuck.
Dan in Wisconsin August 21, 2013
"Very Tasty and Smooth Smoke"
Houston we have a problem- Smoking honey's for five years broken cigars in four packs never a problem before the new wrapper may have to change brands-
Dave Benson in Danbury ,CT August 4, 2013
"15 minute time to open cigars"
I have been smoking these Honey Sport cigars for over a year. I buy them in a box of 55 cigars. The last batch I bought, had no pull tab, and took several minutes to open one of the god damned things without breaking a cigar. yOU HAVE RECENTLY WENT FROM "Dutch Masters" to "Such Disasters". Frequently, I buy them in 4 packs, and sometimes they ALL HAVE A BREAK IN THEM! If I continue to have this problem with these cigars, I will embark on a campaign supported by photos and facts to show what kind of product you produce. I don't know what happened, but get "Lenny and Squiggy" off the assembly line and maybe it will get fixed. I'm very disappointed, and one more bad cigar, and I will go to my former cigars, which I NEVER HAD THESE PROB LEMS WITH.
William in New Port Richey, FL July 31, 2013
"Sweet, Smooth, Favorite cheap smoke"
Out of the whole Dutch master, swisher, white owl, cheap cigar family, this is my top choice. Always have a few on hand. Nice sweet taste on the wrapper, easy smoke. No complaints
Adam in Buffalo, NY June 6, 2013
I have smoked these for years but lately at least 50% are damaged inside the wrapper. Since they eliminated the band they are hard to open and most are damaged right in the band area. I'm looking for a new cigar.
MARTIN in FLORIDA April 5, 2013
"great tasting"
Great tasting cigar. However, many times there is difficulty in unwrapping the cigar which cause damage to the cigar - like these are seconds!
Wayne in Ocala Fl January 21, 2013
This is very good cigar for the money. Not a Cohiba but very mild and smooth. Great flavor!
Bandy in Midwest October 10, 2011
"Delicious all the way through!"
These cigars taste great! The flavor lasts till the very end! They draw great and taste even better! Very mild and flavorful! Higly recommended.
Shutt in NH September 8, 2010
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10 Burn (79) 100
Poor Burn Rating Excellent

10 Consistency (80) 100
Poor Consistency Rating Excellent

10 Draw (79) 100
Poor Draw Rating Excellent

10 Appearance (81) 100
Poor Appearance Rating Excellent

10 Taste (87) 100
Poor Taste Rating Excellent

10 Construction (79) 100
Poor Construction Rating Excellent

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