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Dutch Masters Palma Reviews [view details]

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"Only lasted me 4 days....."
Only lasted me 4 days.....
Blaze in The Hills April 27, 2009
"Best Blunts ever."
These are the best blunts avaliable. Slow and smooth smoke esp with some ohhh-weeees.
Boba in Ganush April 22, 2009
"Great when empty"
I didn't know anyone really smoked these things i personally love em but i empty out the inside first and replace it with something with a little more spice. great papers though.
metaface in New Yawk City February 3, 2009
"smoke it"
yo yo dutch is the best men any way in my hood everybody love dutch master pama
mansour in toronto canada November 11, 2008
Had one with a good 5" X 7" piece of torn heavy duty plastic, like almost burlap plastic. Had more than one occasion of this, not that big tho. Smoke one if you want to die maybe?
Ed in NJ September 9, 2008
I'm new to cigars, but I've tried several brands and types. These coronas have a smooth, mild, consistant flavor with a marvelous aroma. I recently tried an expensive, high profile hand rolled cigar that a friend gave me and it wasn't for me. Like anything, it's all about personal preferences. I like these cigars with a strong cup of coffee, or a glass of Scotch. They're the best I've tried and you can't beat the price!
Shelby in Levelland August 31, 2008
I can't believe that 56 smokers rated this cigar and only one reviewed it. Well here's #2. I've smoked just about all the nicaraguans, hondurans and dominicans,boxes and bundles, for many years. All hand rolled. Most all of the brands were fine to good. My main complaint with all hand rolled brands, is their consistency. Most light, burn and draw fine. However, I got tired of trying to smoke plugged,split,unravelling and tunneling cigars.I decided to try my dads cigar from the 50's. I don't know if the Palma was around then, but I wanted a natural wrapper,so here I am.I find these cigars outstanding in draw, burn and flavor. I also find that the manufactured pre-made hole in the head of the cigar is to restrictive, so I clip it like a regular stick.I also age them like any other cigar in my humidors. Some smokers complain about bits of tobbacco in their mouths. Well then, don't clip.Sure their machine made. But, more consistantly smokeable.This has become my every day cigar. The only problem, is that instead of my normal four a day,it's now five.If you don't like machine made and just want to be the Macho Man (I only smoke hand made cigars), go for it. More for me. They've been around since 1911 for a reason!!
Bill in Covina, Calif. June 6, 2008
"dutch masters are the best"
vanilla dutch all the way
Vince in MOUNT BETHEL January 26, 2008
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10 Construction (81) 100
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