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Dutch Masters President Reviews [view details]

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"One heck of a fine smoke"
I've been smoking Dutchmaster Presidents for a long time. They are rolled very well, burn slowly, taste wonderful, and smell good.
P M G in Cincinnati Ohio July 4, 2011
"for machine-made---very good"
For a machine-made cigar, the President is as good as any and better than most. No---it's not a Cuesta Rey or Gloria Cubana BUT it is a very good machine-made cigar.
M.W.S. in Missouri March 14, 2011
"gotta get and keep 'em fresh!"
i'm only going to suggest these cigars need to be kept fresh, like any other. if you're buying them at the local drugstore be careful. once they get dried out they'll smoke too hot and run the tar right through to you. buy 'em fresh and keep them in a humidor.
Lance in Washington July 5, 2010
"Nothing special"
Nothing great. I don't care for them that much, I got a pack of these and Phillies a while ago and Phillies are better. These were more bitter and they smell worse.
CJ in VT May 12, 2010
The worst you can buy.
E in New York March 4, 2010
"Oooh yeaaah oooh yeaaah"
Dese cigahs pretty guuuh. I live in an ol house, de asbestis be fallin off the ceilin. I take a lil of de aaaazbestis and I sprinkle a little on da Dutch Masta cigaaaah. Don't be laffin, it taste pretty guuuh. Somebody say the wrappas tastin like a grocery bag? Ih dah riye?! You ain't makin a whoole lotta sense, I know dat, I know dat. I bop yo butt witta fungo bat. -Junkyahd Willie (the maaaasta disasta, the reason fo the season)
Willie in Gators Creek, GA January 17, 2010
"I Like em very good.."
I switch these a while back and smoke a bow of these in about 10 days,I love em!
MRJody in Ky November 5, 2009
"America's Favorite Natural Wrapped? No sir!"
I've bought a 5 pack of these out of desperation for a cigar when I was out and about, unfortunately no smoke shop was open. These are horrible. They are weak, have horrible taste, burn very hot, and have a very disgusting oil that will make it to your mouth about halfway through it. Avoid at all costs. 3/10
Brandon in Minnesota January 1, 2009
"never have em in the hood"
never have em in the hood
Jordan in Bronx November 1, 2008
Well, sonny & ed are entiteled to their opinion. But I have to wonder what they have been smoking. We (my wife and I) and other fellow smokers, have not found the same as they, with the Dutch brand. Dutches are aromatic, taste good and smoke great. I had to suppliment my humidor with other cigars, because my wife keeps sneaking the Dutches. Make up your own mind, but we like 'em.
Bill in Calif October 28, 2008
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