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Dutch Masters President Reviews [view details]

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"never have em in the hood"
never have em in the hood
Jordan in Bronx November 1, 2008
Well, sonny & ed are entiteled to their opinion. But I have to wonder what they have been smoking. We (my wife and I) and other fellow smokers, have not found the same as they, with the Dutch brand. Dutches are aromatic, taste good and smoke great. I had to suppliment my humidor with other cigars, because my wife keeps sneaking the Dutches. Make up your own mind, but we like 'em.
Bill in Calif October 28, 2008
"son dogs"
i agree with ed from n.j no good
sonny in brooklyn October 4, 2008
"one of the best"
Dutch Masters (Dutches) are one of the best cigars to roll blunts with. i have been rolling with these for years....still buyin em every day
D in North Carolina June 22, 2008
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