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E.P. Carrillo E-Stunner Siboney Reviews [view details]

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"One of the better ones"
I recently received a E-Stunner along with my last order. I let it sit in my humidor for about 6-8 weeks. Last night I thought I d give it a try. Great medium to full strength, excellent draw. Lives up to it s name
Ned in Wellington, Florida June 3, 2014
"Aptly Named Cigar"
I found the cigar to be very mild. I happen to like mild cigars. The draw was easy and consistent throughout the entire smoke. The burn stayed true and slow, lasting a loooonnnng time for a mid-length stick. I found it to be a very lite cigar in weight. One interesting note: the outer wrapper was rolled with the veins on the outside, an interesting look. It was good with a Mexican-style beer and probably good with a clean, crisp, cold vodka.
Bob K in Long Island May 18, 2014
"OK Cigar"
Received a Siboney size as a sample. This is a OK cigar, rather mild with no outstanding taste or flavor. This cigar did leave a very slight bitter aftertaste. Thought I would check out the price as this is at least a well constructed cigar and with a 20% coupon would be good for friends on the golf course. After checking the price I will pass. This cigar is not for my taste.
Ronald in San Antonio May 3, 2014
"Not a bad cigar."
Worth a purchase and try cigar. Taste of woody, cedar and spice cigar. The taste was not overwhelming but still a full tasting cigar. The burn was uneven and I had to touch up the burn often. Other than the burn issue, this cigar is not bad.
Anthony in California April 26, 2014
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