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Earth Nectar Cigarillos (10) Reviews [view details]

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"One of the better for tin s"
I find that a short stint in the humidor brings out a lot of flavor with these,also helps the wraps because they are pretty dry and to get a better draw I roll them around a bit on a hard surface. With them being dry the wrap cracks off a lot. For a little bit of effort for a great smaller smoke it s well worth it.
Charles in Minnesota, USA March 14, 2014
"My favorite of the CAO flavoureds"
I think this is a good, small smoke. My favorite of the lot.
Joe in Bethlehem July 29, 2013
"Can't reccomend it."
The fatter earth nectars are better. Small cigars are great for quick smokes, but these don't really satisfy the palate very well.
Ian in FL October 28, 2011
"not my fave"
I tend to prefer the milder and less bitter cigars, and this one was a little more bitter than I prefer, but still not a bad cigar. The flavors of this one were a little muted compared with some other CAO flavors, and a strange mix that I would certainly not dream up on my own.
Su in PA, USA November 14, 2006
"A terrific little cigar!"
The "Earth Nectar" has become my favorite cigar -- the flavor is subtle, just enough to make for a very smooth smoke. And the aroma is very nice.
Roy in Denver June 27, 2005
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