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"retracting my post, they suck arse"
i got them for free a long while back and w some other things i figured let me try them. some of them were flavorfull, but ended up with mouthfull of leaves. i could not figure out how much tabacoo i was injesting. but kept dry heaving a few hours after smoking them at night. i ended up tossing about 5 of them when i figured out what the issue was. never will get them agian
bill in mahopac ny October 23, 2013
"Love Them"
I love the 20 for 20. For the price it's a good pack. I buy the all the time. And will continue to do so, If you didn't like them just send them to me. Thank you.
Eric Robinson in Milton FL September 19, 2013
"Actually Not Bad!"
So, my brother in law and me ordered a maduro sampler and got these as a freebie. We were NOT expecting much. Both of us were surprised by these smokes. There have been no issues with burn, canoeing or taste. Of course they aren't really a premium stick, but they are a surprisingly decent every day smoke. We will probably buy another bundle. For $1 a stick, you can't beat these!
Steve in Yorba Linda, CA August 18, 2013
"Keep looking!"
Not satisfying at all! The taste reminds me of raw tobacco!
Alberto in Chicago, IL July 30, 2013
Never again. I read the reviews and thought they were worth a try. I got the 20 under $20 free with a qualified order. They are spongy and hard draw, they burn very uneven. You get what you pay for.
Jon in Kentucky July 30, 2013
"Better than I expected"
I got a bundle of 20 free with my purchase. Actually not a bad smoke at all. Mild and a little bit peppery, but draws nice and burns evenly.
SidecarMike in Wisconsin July 27, 2013
Easy draw, mild, not bad smoking, great fill in smoke...for the price...SURE!!
Tony in Northern New Jersey July 25, 2013
"Very Surprising"
I got these for free actually with a special deal and I was thinking that they would be good, but not great, but they were actually pretty good cigars. For only $1 a stick, there are zero complaints. I started with the Infamous Ace and it was pretty mild as well as very creamy with no harshness whatsoever, even at the end. Highly, highly recommend, I would pay much more than $1 a pop for these bad boys.
Austin in Manchester, MD July 7, 2013
"great value, but put them in humidor for while."
i like stronger cigars but also like a deal too. these are lighter for most part then what i smoke. but the flavors a good. my favorite so far is the angry monk. thought i was smoking a higher end stick last night. went to check on them and they are on back order. i think they need to be put in humidor at least for a week or so. they came to me very soft one or two were hard to smoke cause of it. so thats when i took em out of wrappers and let them set in humador. ialso took a few of them for experiment to infuse whiskey in them. think i found a cheap good cigar for that. as for bill k, i never understand why you smoke and do yard work. i am dangerous with my yard tools when i am paying attention but adding a cigar to the mix can be deadly for me and the rest of the neighbors and my house lol. i am gonna order an alec bradely sample pack, and maybe another sampler, or break the 50 mark and get another free sampler. not sure but will get more. and it is great to give at bbq or mooches like bill k said
Bill B the re agent in mahopac ny July 7, 2013
"Very Poor Construction and NO taste"
Yes, this is a cheap stick. There are other options in the same price range that are significantly better. I received this sampler and immedietly opened the bundle and removed the cello. The wrappers are stained. The roll is lumpy and soft. The cigars looked diseased! The first one I cut began to unravel immediately. The second did the same. The burn was very uneven and kept canoeing on me. These cigars wouldn't even make a good yard gar' because of the attention needed to keep them burning right. If you like no taste, poor construction and ugly sticks--look no further! But seriously, avoid this and find another option.
Dave T. in Madison July 6, 2013
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