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East Coast Rollers Reviews

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East Coast Rollers 20 Under 20
"Absolute Garbage!"
I had a coupon that I wanted to use and my normal order was not enough to use it so I figured I would try a cheaper sample pack. I realize you get what you pay for, but these are not worth a penny! Tasted like I was smoking wet cardboard! So anyone reading this PLEASE save your money!
Jason in Ohio January 30, 2015
Pure Mayhem
"Excellent Value"
Excellent cigar, well made, consistent burn, absolutely marvelous taste from beginning to end. This is going to be my new favorite. Go buy it and never look back...
Jax in SLC,Utah November 30, 2014
Pure Mayhem
"Nice smoke considering the price."
It s hard to argue with filling your humidor for twenty bucks twenty-five with economy shipping . At about a dollar apiece depending on your shipping preference, I don t think you ll be too disappointed. The cigars burn mostly clean although they don t burn very consistently. If yours burns unevenly, use a torch to singe the wrapper on the uneven part and it usually evens out. The draw is perfect and I haven t had a problem with fragments getting in my mouth any more than with higher-quality cigars. Appearance is predictable for a cheaper brand but it doesn t look all that low-quality. The taste is excellent for the price although definitely not what you d expect from an eight- or nine-dollar smoke. Not harsh but not too smooth, either, the best thing I can compare the taste to is a mid-range Macanudo. Construction is the main problem. I can t find anything regarding the type of filler, but if it s long filler it definitely isn t 100% long filler, very stemmy. Definitely worth it for the price, but if you re expecting something fantastic you re going to be disappointed. I bought a bundle of twenty to fill a new humidor and I haven t had cause to regret it yet, but I can t say I d recommend them if you re a cigar snob. If what you want is a cheap, enjoyable smoke you ll probably be satisfied. I d advise adding a single to your regular order if you re the skeptical type and don t want to get stuck with a bunch of cigars you don t like. If anything, it s worth trying.
Stefan in Raleigh, NC October 24, 2014
Wicked Woodchuck
Amazing low price for this cigar that is well worth the cost of a premium. Mild to medium. East Coast Rollers Blending Company is a name to remember.
William in Lecanto, FL October 5, 2014
Angry Monks
"A Tale of Two Cigars"
After receiving the ECR 20 under 20 sampler I smoked this particular cigar right after I received it from the UPS truck. It burned terrible with 5 burn corrections needed. It would also not stay lit unless I triple puffed it continually. Fast forward to the second Angry Monk smoked after napping in my humidor for a spell. Burn was much improved requiring only 1 correction. The stick also stayed lit from beginning to end with no hassle. The taste of this brand as with all the ECR cigars is a judgement call. You either like them or you don't. The point here is with a little patience and care in handling even these inexpensive sticks, while no threat to the Alec Bradley's and Diamond Crowns of the world, can smoke like a champ if treated properly.
Charles in Oldsmar, FL September 15, 2014
East Coast Rollers 20 Under 20
"Post-Humidor Follow Up"
As I anticipated after just a week in my humidor, these cigars have improved tremendously. Both burn and draw are much better than when the UPS man delivered them. The Loathsome Hog was the star of the post-humidor lot by having the distinction of being the first to have an even burn from beginning to end. Draw is still a little tight but looser than day one. I would characterize the flavor of these sticks as mild and if you want fuller flavor purchase the Robusto sized Famous 20 under 20 instead. The flavor kicks in after about the first third of the cigar. Also, I suggest you leave the larger band on as some of the lot may have unwrap issues upon cutting and the band will rectify this. Just make sure you take it off towards the end of the stick because it will flame up when heated. These cigars are a great bargain if you have a little patience and handle them properly. As for me, I will be purchasing the Robustos from now on as I like a stronger flavor, but if a decent, mild in flavor, and cheap everyday cigar is what you seek then you can't go wrong here.
Charles in Oldsmar, FL September 10, 2014
East Coast Rollers 20 Under 20
"Initial Assessment"
Having smoked the Robusto sized Famous 20 under 20 I knew what to expect when the UPS man delivered these to my door today and I tried the first one right away. I sampled the Angry Monk and, as anticipated, these sticks will need some seasoning in the humidor as did the last ones. Draw was tight and burn uneven but I really liked the flavor more than the Robustos. The inexperienced cigar smoker will write these off right away but those of us who know better realize that these are a great bargain if given time and handled properly. If you think these will look and act like a 5 or 10 dollar cigar then you need to find another hobby. I am very pleased with my purchase from Famous and will do a follow up after these babies have had their humidor nap.
Charles in Oldsmar, Florida September 3, 2014
Fat Daddy
"the worst cigars I have ever had."
These cigars were pretty bad. I really don t know how they received a high rating. I bought two bundles and most of them were rolled too tight to draw through, I didn t send them back because I figured I get maybe few bad ones but most of them were bad. I also must add that I have ordered many times from famous smoke without disappointment and have returned some I did not like without a problem but these are the worst cigars I have ever had.
Cue August 30, 2014
Rabid Rhino
"Worst cigar ever."
A few things come to mind... Sometimes trying something new doesn t work out so well. This is one of those times. If you too are contemplating these cigars in the spirit of trying something new... trust me, try something else. One might say the $19.95 price tag was a warning just as obvious as a blinking label on the bundle declaring These Are Gonna Suck . Fair enough I suppose. I took a shot... and missed. Sometimes good deals can be found in cheaper cigars. Maybe $19.95 is *too* cheap these days. That said, I m a little surprised that Famous would risk whatever reputation they think they have as a marketer of fine cigars by selling cigars such as these. So buyer beware... Famous will sell you ridiculously bad cigars just as gleefully as a back alley hawker in a tourist trap. At least Famous has a return policy...
Jake the Muss in Cleveland, OH July 22, 2014
Loathsome Hogg
"Fair Bang for the Buck"
First, I have to say that if you are looking for a perfect smoke for a buck a stick, you re delusional. For a buck, thee ain t bad at all. The key word here is inconsistency . I ve smoked a five of these since my order arrived and no two are, thus far, quite the same. One had a very stiff draw which I was able to remedy. One was a bit skunky, i.e. neither the flavor nor the smell was particularly good. The other three weren t bad at all. Each had a bit of its own flavor character, but the variation wasn t very big. The biggest hit I have against them thus far, and it isn t a big hit, is that they seem to burn inconsistently, tending to canoe a lot. I am, at best, a budget smoker , so cost is a strong motivator for me. Would I buy these again? At this price, sure, no problem!
Mike in Rantoul, IL July 20, 2014
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