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East Coast Rollers Reviews

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Fat Daddy
"much better than I expected"
I buy about 60 cigars before our church festival to have as giveaways so I m not looking to spend a lot. Was wonderfully surprised at the Fat Daddy. Good flavor, nice ash burn. I put the cigar down to go inside the building and when I came out it was still lit. A bargain for the money.
Jim in Connecticut May 24, 2014
Swarthy Badger
"OK Smoke for a Dollar"
A friend of mine received a bunch of these free last year and would not smoke them been in his Humidor till a month a go now they are in mine I smoke 5 a day no problems When I run out I will buy more.
Jim in ks. May 19, 2014
East Coast Rollers 20 Under 20
"can t believe people"
I can not Believe people buy $1.00 Cigars and think they the should smoke like a $5.00 or $10.00 Cigar I only Smoke cigars About 5 to 6 Churchills a day if you put these in a humidor they are acceptable WTF do you want For a Dollar?
jim in wichita,ks. May 19, 2014
Fat Daddy
"Great Smoke"
Enjoyed this cigar very much. Burned well and drew great. Smoked for three hours only relit once. Hints of spices and leather. Will buy more of these cigars!
Lenny in WV May 4, 2014
Loathsome Hogg
"Pleasant surprise"
Stevens comment This Hogg is not Loathsome is so true, OK its not the greatest but, satisfying, try with a fair Port or Rioja and it s really quite good
John in St. Joseph MO April 4, 2014
Loathsome Hogg
"These are Worthless."
I got two of these in 20 East Coast Rollers sampler. Some were okay but these were awful. I ended up throwing them in the trash.
Danny in Illinois March 22, 2014
East Coast Rollers 20 Under 20
"Should not even be offering these!!"
Not even a yard cigar! A quality cigar shop should not even stock such poor un smokable product!
Mark in Wv March 14, 2014
Fat Daddy
"Not bad at all for a cheap cigar."
I got two of these in a sampler. it not half bad for price. I ll be buying bundle. They ll be great this spring while I m doing my yard work.
Danny in Machesney Park March 7, 2014
East Coast Rollers 20 Under 20
"Terrible taste, even worse construction"
I bought these cigars to try a cheaper cigar and to give to friends and family who do not smoke regularly, and I immediately regret this decision. The taste of the cigar and its smoke sickened even me, and they would fall apart or just stop burning after just a few min. DO NOT BUY.
Elijah in Virginia February 1, 2014
East Coast Rollers 20 Under 20
"Don t"
They burn and draw well but that is it. The Fat Daddys were the only ones that weren't horrible.
Byron in Newark OH January 3, 2014
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