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East Coast Rollers Reviews

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Wicked Woodchuck
"Good cigar for the price."
Good smoke for the price. Was unsure what I was going to get for that price but I was pleasantly surprised. Only drawback was the construction. Too lose. Otherwise good.
Nathan in Iowa October 10, 2013
East Coast Rollers 20 Under 20
"Love Them"
I love the 20 for 20. For the price it's a good pack. I buy the all the time. And will continue to do so, If you didn't like them just send them to me. Thank you.
Eric Robinson in Milton FL September 19, 2013
Wicked Woodchuck
"Good Buy!!!"
Good medium flavor cigar. Not bad for the price. I will give this cigar a rating of 75.
franklyn in las vegas, nv September 16, 2013
Swarthy Badger
"Like Smoking a Badger's *****"
Uneven burn, unevenly packed filler, crude flavor (and I prefer full body cigars) and hard to keep lit. Unpleasant from start to finish. Unless you have a fetish for badger butt and want to know what it's like to smoke one.
franklyn in las vegas, nv September 16, 2013 August 30, 2013
East Coast Rollers 20 Under 20
"Actually Not Bad!"
So, my brother in law and me ordered a maduro sampler and got these as a freebie. We were NOT expecting much. Both of us were surprised by these smokes. There have been no issues with burn, canoeing or taste. Of course they aren't really a premium stick, but they are a surprisingly decent every day smoke. We will probably buy another bundle. For $1 a stick, you can't beat these!
Steve in Yorba Linda, CA August 18, 2013
Fat Daddy
"A dollar per stick... I'll take it."
Pleasantly surprised by this one. Wasn't expecting much. The first few were free with a promo. But I don't mind throwing down a buck for this Churchill.
Steve in Yorba Linda, CA August 18, 2013 August 8, 2013
Loathsome Hogg
"This Hogg is not Loathsome"
After smoking this cigar for the first time i have to say, this Hogg is anything but loathsome! In fact it is one of the best short/ mixed filler cigars I have had. Appearance is rather mottled and lumpy, but hey no hogg is pretty! Pre light aroma is practically non existent. Draw is absolutely perfect, and this scored major points with me. Initial flavors after toasting are a pleasant faint sweet spice which grows in intensity to the halfway point, after which the spice loses the sweetness and becomes very pleasantly tangy and heavy. This continues down to the nub.Very impressive flavor profile. Excellent burn, did not require even one touch up.Medium bodied. The finish is very long and tangy, holding steady in between draws. Overall, this is one hogg i will gladly spend more time with!
Steven Tuma in Steeleville, IL August 7, 2013
East Coast Rollers 20 Under 20
"Keep looking!"
Not satisfying at all! The taste reminds me of raw tobacco!
Alberto in Chicago, IL July 30, 2013
East Coast Rollers 20 Under 20
Never again. I read the reviews and thought they were worth a try. I got the 20 under $20 free with a qualified order. They are spongy and hard draw, they burn very uneven. You get what you pay for.
Jon in Kentucky July 30, 2013
Rabid Rhino
"Lousy Construction"
Flavor is OK for the money but the construction is lousy. Loose roll, terrible burn and half of the bundle I received fell apart before I finished them. I bought this as an suggested add-on to a bundle of Famous Nic's I purchased, should have declined that offer.
Ron M in Southern California July 30, 2013
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