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East Coast Rollers Reviews

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Pure Mayhem
"Good value"
Good value. Decent construction and burn for the price point.
Brian in Lakewood, Co December 30, 2013
Pure Mayhem
"Good value"
Good value. Decent construction and burn for the price point.
Brian in Lakewood, Co December 30, 2013
Infamous Ace
"Nasty! Worst Burn"
Thought I would try them because of some reviews, tried them. They are the worse I have ever tasted. Bad burn, would not even give them as free cigars.
Fernando in Texas December 20, 2013
East Coast Rollers 20 Under 20
"Not premium but...."
Like a typical cigar connoisseur I like the premium cigar. However I have to concede to my wife for acceptance of my desire to enjoy. To keep peace, my area of enjoyment is the great outdoors. There is nothing better than sitting out on the deck with a favorite beverage and indulging in a fine cigar. However when the northwest weather turns unfavorable there is nothing worse than having to snuff out a fine cigar because the weather is not tolerable to be outside. When i want to divulge in my desire and don t know if I can handle the weather I pull out of these out of the humidor. I actually enjoy these. If I can only handle 10 minutes outside I have satisfied my craving to indulge and don t feel bad about snuffing out a this cigar. Yes I do enjoy much finer cigar when I can actually enjoy it. These are actually a pretty good cigar for me to keep on hand, and I will. For the price I can t go wrong.
TGC in WA State November 7, 2013
Pure Mayhem
"Good Stick"
Just a good cigar, nothing special just an all around good stick.
Aaron in KY November 5, 2013
East Coast Rollers 20 Under 20
"should be free"
Waste of $20
scott in kansas November 3, 2013
Fat Daddy
Although they will help out in a pinch,I don t recommend these as a regular smoke.
Ben in Vincennes, Indiana October 25, 2013
East Coast Rollers 20 Under 20
"retracting my post, they suck arse"
i got them for free a long while back and w some other things i figured let me try them. some of them were flavorfull, but ended up with mouthfull of leaves. i could not figure out how much tabacoo i was injesting. but kept dry heaving a few hours after smoking them at night. i ended up tossing about 5 of them when i figured out what the issue was. never will get them agian
bill in mahopac ny October 23, 2013
Belligerent Beaver
"Not worth it at any price"
Terrible draw! Lousy burn, canoes.
Greg in Chicago October 22, 2013
Fat Daddy
These cigars were horrible. I enjoy cigars everyday so I purchased these trying to be economical. I can't even smoke the 17 or so I have left because I dislike them so much. All that I tried were rolled too tight (or maybe damp) to draw through and they have a peculiar taste that I can't stand. I have ordered many times from famous smoke without disappointment and sampled many cigars from my local shop - these are the worst cigars I have ever had.
Dave in Wisconsin October 17, 2013
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