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"Best Cigarillos I ve Ever Had!!!"
I ve been smoking these for years! The flavors are phenomenal, not just because of the Irish creme, but the tobacco has a great taste. The burn is *usually* perfect, but once in a while, you get one that burns more on the top or the bottom. The draw is great 90% of the time, but occasionally one pops up that was rolled too tightly. Overall, despite an occasional dud, these cigarillos are my personal favorite. They are a mainstay in my humidor, and I couldn t recommend them highly enough!
Joe in VT December 9, 2013
"Great CAO, great flavour!"
I truly enjoyed this smoke. I tasted every bit of the Irish Cream flavour all the way to the end and enjoyed the smooth draw filling out my mouth with bursts of flavour. This would be a great after dessert cigar - it would compliment a nice coffee while relaxing. Great job CAO.
Jon in Indiana October 28, 2011
"In the top three cigarillos I've ever had"
Eileen's Dream first lets the smoker know he is on for a treat when the wrapper comes off. The aroma is not hard, but smells of Irish Cream mixed with a good cigar. I wish every cigar could smell half as good. As for the smoke, still pretty decent. Draw slow for the best flavor. It burned evenly and ashed well. I will definitely keep these in the humidor.
X in Phoenix, AZ November 25, 2010
"great smoke flavourful taste"
My girlfriend stopped by a cigar shop to assemble a birthday package for me. Among the gifts were several cigars, the CAO Eileen's Dream cigarillo included. The merchant told her I might like this one the least, compared to higher priced, larger ring sized cigars. These were my favourites of all and if they were more readily available, would always be in my possesion. It has a mild, rich flavour but by no means weak.
steve in texas November 6, 2009
"dreamin it had more flavour"
I bought a couple of the samplers just to give them a try. The packaging and presentation were fantastic. But a cigar needs to be more than just eye-candy. Eileen's Dream tasted, for the most part like a regular CAO. The flavours described were almost non existent. The only flavour i noticed at all was a creamy-mocha like taste. I mean almost NO flavor, very very light. the draw was light, the construction was pretty good(although be careful with the wrapper, it looks very thin and might tear easily). It's a good little smoke, just not near the flavour as the hype. I hope the other flavours in the sampler are better....
D. Tennant in winter haven August 22, 2008
"I guess it wasn't the worst I've ever had"
To be honest, I enjoyed very little about this cigar. I generally like flavored cigars, and will even smoke a black and mild if there's nothing else around, but I do have a bit of griping to do about this one. I picked one up at my local liquor store, which stocks several varieties of inexpensive and premium cigars in a cabinet humidor. I lit it up and noted that the only thing that I liked about it was the pleasant draw. The taste was a bit flat and nondescript. The burn was too hot and fast and made the cigar unpleasantly spicy. As a smaller complaint, as I was cutting the cigar, gingerly using a punch, the wrapper split a bit. Not a big issue but it still weighed on me. I liken the entire experience to lighting up and smoking a sugar cookie. However, for the less discerning palatte or a person who really likes flavored cigars, there is much worse out there.
Ryan B. in Maryville, Missouri January 25, 2007
"One for the ladies, flavorful and mild"
I bought these cigarillos specifically to offer to women. A very good choice. Eileen's Dream looks nice, holds and burns well, the flavors are subtle yet definite, it is quite mild, but a smoke for sure, oh, and women like it (but I might sneak another myself if no one is looking).
Brom in NJ December 28, 2006
"not bad but not the best"
There was some mild nice aroma on opening the tin, but the cigar itself did not have that strong of an aroma. Taste was also a little flat / mild, and moderate bitterness.
Su in PA, USA November 14, 2006
"tasty, lunchtime cigar"
I have been a fan of infused cigars since my first mayorga coffee infused cigar, also a great cigar, these cao's are just as described. all flavors are detectable but not overpowering. also it is a great looking cigar, nice wrapper,feels a little loose at first, but burns perfect. if you are a "infused" cigar fan,pick your favorite flavored CAO, you can't go wrong.
Frank in lancaster, ohio January 28, 2006
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