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El Baton Reviews

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El Baton Robusto
"Great Smoke"
A great smoke. Great wrapper and wonderful even burn. Lasted about 45 minutes, and I was sad to see it end. Consistent draw and taste. Loads of creamy smoke. Smooth flavor to start with a little bite towards the end. Ordering a box today!
Matt in Afghanistan in Bagram June 1, 2014
El Baton Robusto
"an enjoyable smoke"
Had this cigar in the humi so long not sure when I got it. It s been at least 6 months, snuggling with some of my fav CC s and non-CC s. It was a really fine looking cigar with a beautiful wrapper, nice pre-light aroma, well packed with no soft spots. It lit well, first 1/2 inch had a little tartness, settled down and burned well, very flavorful with lots of rich, smooth smoke and the ash held until I knocked it off @ 2 inches. Taste was strong, cedar and cinnamon/spice, got a little creamy and leather at the 1/2 way point, finish was smooth with no bite, maybe a little coffee and mocha. Overall a very enjoyable smoke, lasted @ 40 min and a bargain because I must have gotten it in a sampler for much less than the normal price. I ve got a 5er in my favorites and will repeat it has a wonderful wrapper, very well made and tasty. cheers
Steven in NC, USA April 21, 2014
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