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El Credito Reviews

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El Credito El Perrito
"These are a fantastic 30 minute smoke"
Very smooth medium bodied thin, handmade. Not harsh or bitter all the way to the nub.
An anonymous smoker July 28, 2011
El Credito Super Habanero
"Improves with age"
I've been smoking El Creditos for years, one of my favorites. Recently won a bundle of these in maduro on auction. First time smoking the super habaneros, and glad I didn't pay full price. Hard draw, soft spots, bad burn, bad taste, and stunk up my humidor. Slight improvement with a few weeks of aging. Would not buy these again, but would jump on the small churchill maduros, which are excellent with some aging. "Life is too short for a bad cigar."
Whupash in Milwaukie May 15, 2010
El Credito Supremos
"Pleasant affordable smoke. Wish it came in a"
different size
Greg in Gilbertown, AL January 30, 2009
El Credito Monarch
"Premium smoke at a great price"
Maybe not the prettiest smoke or the best burn but the flavor is great. This is a bargain
David in Brandon, MS January 3, 2009
El Credito Small Churchill
"A daily smoke I can afford and Enjoy!"
Let them rest up in the humidor for a couple of weeks or longer, and be prepared for a pleasant surprise. Good draw, overall decent burn, starts mild, nearing full flavor at the end. Maduro wrapper just makes it great. Decent construction so far (#8) on my first bundle. Good flavor and the perfect size. I will be ordering more.
One Putt in Missouri December 14, 2008
El Credito Rothschild
"An Excellent Inexpensive Smoke..."
I purchase the Rothschild Natural 5x50 from my local B&M Valencia Cigars to try out and let it rest up in the humi for the last month. Easy draw, lots of smoke, no burn problems here, mild-medium body at the start and turning a solid medium body pushing full to the end. Ash held well for a good inch or so before tapping off. A couple of very mild crack issues in the wrapper but nothing to write home about. Decent construction on this stick and will now have to visit the Rothschild Maduro. Good flavor and enjoyed this size very much...
MarkinCA in Valencia, CA November 20, 2008
El Credito Monarch
Looks like a lot of cigar, but it goes real fast and terribly unevenly. Any attempts to even up the burn with a lighter results in the whole thing torching. Decent taste, though.
william henneberg in el lay September 28, 2008
El Credito Churchill
"Bad Burn and Construction"
This is a very tasty cigar, but the construction and burn are consistantly BAD.
MikeT in NH August 10, 2008
El Credito Imperial
"Bad, Bad, Bad"
I was really excited about getting these because of the rating, but when I got them they were a disgrace. They are all crooked and when I smoked one there was no draw. They are very tightly packed, have big hard knots in them and cannot be smoked. Now they have been in my humidor for about 4 months and almost still the same: hard, most have knots that prevent you from smoking them. I should have returned them but I didn't know better. Only 1 out of every 4 or 5 is smokable, but even then, they taste bad, harsh and are a total waste of your money.
Michel Theunissen in Bay Point, CA July 29, 2008
El Credito Super Habanero
"OK cigar but still undecided"
When another review compared it to the Montesino Napoleon Grande, it was pretty correct. Yes, they are very UGLY!!!!!!! Horrible veiny wrappers that are thin and can tear easily. Draw is good but they have plugged while smoking them but nothing to serious. Burn is good, no problems yet from them. Flavor is OK, not as good as Montesino Napoleon Grande. But for the price what do you expect. Overall the Montesino are better but these are an OK cigar.
Steve in Iowa March 20, 2008
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