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El Credito Reviews

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El Credito Super Habanero
"OK cigar but still undecided"
When another review compared it to the Montesino Napoleon Grande, it was pretty correct. Yes, they are very UGLY!!!!!!! Horrible veiny wrappers that are thin and can tear easily. Draw is good but they have plugged while smoking them but nothing to serious. Burn is good, no problems yet from them. Flavor is OK, not as good as Montesino Napoleon Grande. But for the price what do you expect. Overall the Montesino are better but these are an OK cigar.
Steve in Iowa March 20, 2008
El Credito Small Corona
"tasty buggers"
For a cheap cigar these are great,strong and spicey.They get a bitter taste in the middle but soon turn sweet,a truly enjoyable smoke.I made this one last for an hour.Will buy a box to hand out after the birth of my first grandchild in November they are that good.Buy a 5 pack and see for yourself.
Aussie Shaun in austalia August 19, 2007
El Credito Nacionales
"Long-Time Go-To Cigar"
Have bought these on and off over the years. The more cigars I smoke, the more I appreciate this little cigar. I really like the nedium-full taste, easy on the pepper, that this smoke gives. A great 30 minute cigar, in the backyard or in a restaurant. Favorite is the maduro wrapper in the entire line.
Pappy July 16, 2007
El Credito Monarch
I bought this cigar based on user ratings. I was not disappointed. Excellent taste and a fine crafted cigar. Med-full bodied. Long smoke. Only negative is I found it a little tight on draw.
Dale Larsen November 30, 2006
El Credito Senadores
"A harsh taste compared to the Monarch"
I smoke El Credito's dailey. I have been pleased with all but two. The Senadora and the Habernaro seem to be made with a greener leaf and are very harsh tasting compared to the rest of the line. I was disappointed and will stick to the great tasting Monarch or Churchill
Chuck in Florida July 2, 2006
El Credito Churchill
"Great Smoke"
This is one of the best. I have smoked all the major brands and find myself pulled to this cigar every time I open my humidor. Just ordered another bundle of 20 today and will keep these stocked in my collection. I actually like this better than the La Glorias.
Jay in Seattle WA May 24, 2006
El Credito Nacionales
"A Good smoke!!"
I have smoke the LGC,also I find this to be a quality cigar,a few were tight, but a most enjoyabe smoke,after a hard day of work I will purchase again..
JC in RI May 1, 2006
El Credito Monarch
"Great inexpensive smoke! Super flavor and aroma."
This is a great smoke for the price. Well made, super dark with a great spicy burn. Smoked it down to the nub.
David L in Leawood, KS October 11, 2005
El Credito Small Churchill
"The best smoke"
Brothers and sisters and lovers of the fine cigar leaf,I am an advid smoker of The LaGloria Cubanna Brand , being a blues musician I can't always afford the real thing so ElCreditos are the perfect relacement alway right. as good as The real thing..Smoke on www.bluestown.20fr.com
HowlinBlind-MuddySlim in Bluestown March 23, 2005
El Credito Rothschild
"Not worth the price."
Tried these because I heard they were basically La Gloria "2nds". Very disappointed with the construction, taste, burn, just about everything. Have had the balance of the bundle in the humidor for about 6 months now. A little better taste, but still overpriced for what they are. Save your money and buy the La Glorias.
Bill in Boulder Junction, WI June 14, 2004
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