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El Producto Puritano Fino
"switching back to el producto for good"
switching back to elproducto from D.M.because elproducto has a better taste and because their better tasting and naturalwrapper staying with elproducto for good .
mike in ct May 4, 2014
El Producto Little Corona
"Unsweetend Muriels"
I m 90% sure that these are simply unsweet versions of Muriels. Everything is the same except for the sweetness. I got these because they were a couple bucks cheaper but I now know why. They re not too bad if you like a cheap unsweet Cigar but if you want sweet, go with Muriels.
TheInkSpots in Portland March 12, 2014
El Producto Puritano Fino
"Nice mild cigar"
Nice inexpensive cigar but I am pretty sure that the Fino and muriel Magnum are the same cigar with different names so save some money and get the Magnum.
Ed in MA December 22, 2012
El Producto Puritano Fino
"Same as Muriel Magnum"
I am pretty sure these a the exact same cigar as the Muriel Magnum which costs less. They are the exact same size and shape %26 made by the same manufacturer. The cigar is packed loosely but has a decent mild taste.
Ed in Massachusets December 19, 2012
El Producto Puritano Fino
"best little box cigar"
great taste good smokin cigar makes good smoke draw is great construction is good worth a try and the money
mike in ct June 20, 2012
El Producto Puritano Fino
"switching back"
after im done with dutch masters presidents will be going back to elproducto puritano fino with d.m. pres you get a tar taste
mike in connecticut May 22, 2012
El Producto Little Corona
"Great short smoke for the money"
I was looking for an inexpensive short smoke for my drive to work (which is about a half hour) to replace White Owl Miniature and this does it. In fact they are a much better cigar.Mild, consistent, great burn and above all good taste.Inexpensive-you wont feel too bad if you have to ditch them prematurely
Vic Figurelli in New York February 15, 2011
El Producto Escepionale
"40 years of Escepionale smoking"
No, they are not in a class with Padrons or other fine, hand-rolled smokes. But, they are mildly flavored & consistantly reliable. If these sound more like a Chevy then a Caddy, they are. If you blanche at spending more on a cigar then most people earn in an hour, at least these will assuage your sense of fairness. And they do smoke nicely. They are dependable and you can share them with a non-cigar smoking friend without wasting one of your good fumas. Do you want them all the time? Get real. Are they worth the match? D^*m right!
Michael Baumann in Crystal Beach, Florida February 8, 2011
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