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El Producto Little Corona Reviews [view details]

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"Unsweetend Muriels"
I m 90% sure that these are simply unsweet versions of Muriels. Everything is the same except for the sweetness. I got these because they were a couple bucks cheaper but I now know why. They re not too bad if you like a cheap unsweet Cigar but if you want sweet, go with Muriels.
TheInkSpots in Portland March 12, 2014
"Great short smoke for the money"
I was looking for an inexpensive short smoke for my drive to work (which is about a half hour) to replace White Owl Miniature and this does it. In fact they are a much better cigar.Mild, consistent, great burn and above all good taste.Inexpensive-you wont feel too bad if you have to ditch them prematurely
Vic Figurelli in New York February 15, 2011
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