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El Rico Habano Reviews

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El Rico Habano Gran Corona
Love fest here! Been smokin these fer 10 years now & they kick frigg'n ashe!
Cybergar in Bondsville October 12, 2008
El Rico Habano Habano Club
"A winner, I agree with all the positive reviews!"
Quality construction yielding a nice fine white ash and generous quantities of smoke with excellent flavor. Smoked my first yesterday fresh off the truck out of the box and I'm looking forward to the remainder. This is what I like to find...
nozero in Arlington August 9, 2008
El Rico Habano Torpedo
"Best cigar of all time...probably the world!!"
I have smoked cigars for years and from around the world and these are by far the best. The whole ERH line is fabulous.
William in Fresno June 18, 2008
El Rico Habano Gran Habanero Deluxe
"Beautiful cigar"
A really gorgeous cigar. The wrapper is handsome, with the leaf's physiology evident. Clearly hand-made, especially in the context of a box. Pre-light feel and aroma sensuous. I sometimes...just...fondle it, you know? Even the band and the proportions are classy. Some of mine would burn a little ragged, but so what? Nice smoke, not harsh at all. Definitely tasty and full-bodied, but not overly complex or "floral". Give this stick to prove beyond doubt that you're an insightful connoisseur and cigar genius. Box buy? Absolutely!
Bill Taylor in New Jersey December 20, 2007
El Rico Habano Double Corona
"5 Years and still my Favorite"
I reviewed these 5 years ago. I've tried many others and still keep coming back for more. (See below) They still round off the edge and mellow me out. When you have time to relax for a long smoke, these fill the bill. Great flavor and with a real kick and no dragon mouth aftertaste.
Spanky in California December 8, 2007
El Rico Habano Habano Club
"my favorite"
This is one of the best, it is a full bodied cigar, but smokers dont realize it, because it is so smooth, and has such great flavour. Aging doesnt do anything to improve this cigar that I can tell. Put it in the humi for a week and smoke. It has the best aroma, and complex taste, of any cigar I've smoked to date, and I've tried them all. This is definitely my favorite right now.
jon in brunswick, ga September 1, 2007
El Rico Habano Double Corona
"Not a Bad Cigar!"
To my lady and I don't think they are a full bodied smoke all the through until the end. This cigar is something we would buy once in a blue moon. Every cigar smoker has different taste but we would rather smoke the La Gloria Cubana or a Rocky Patel Edge over it anyday for a full bodied satisfaction.
Jeff in Mesa, AZ August 29, 2007
El Rico Habano Torpedo
"Stop Buying These"
Ok..now everyone stop buying these cigars. They have been my everyday cigar for a long time now and I'm getting tired of Famous being out of them. I continue to try other cigars but I always have a box of these El Rico's on hand. These are not for the beginers but for those of us who smoke 3 or more a day, these are the ones that carry enough punch to make the 4th one as good as the first one. So..Like I said...stop buying these.
Ron in St. Louis July 23, 2007
El Rico Habano Corona Suprema
"Like an Ashton VSG"
I am a big fan of the VSG series, but this cigar is just about as good at about 1/4 the price, To me it tastes slightly sweeter, and just a tiny bit (and I mean a tiny bit) less full bodied. This may be the best cigar value out there if you like full bodied cigars.
Mike in Midwest June 6, 2007
El Rico Habano Gran Corona
"The Perfect Burn"
These burn absolutely perfect. They taste great, draw even better and remind me of Cuban cigars like Punch Punch. If you like a powerhouse of a cigar you will love these.
Mark S. in CT April 29, 2007
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