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El Rico Habano Corona Suprema Reviews [view details]

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"Damn Smooth"
I'm having an El Rico Habano as I write this and I'm enjoying it. This is my second time ordering this cigar and it's just as good as the first time I had it. The first time I ordered a box from famous, was a few years ago. I was looking for a full bodied cigar and saw the reviews on this one. I've never been much on going by what reviews say, but I'm glad I did with the el rico because I was not disappointed. It's got kick, but not over powering and it's smooth. One hell of a smoke for a hell of a price.
O3 in California March 6, 2012
"Good BUT not the same as original"
When this came from Miami the aroma and flavor was superb. NOW the formula is missing some of the original blend but still fairly good.
Dr. Phil in Chicago July 29, 2011
"Great smoke!"
Enjoying one of these now. A fantastic smoke! Triple espresso and full bodied. I just received this box last week and they taste like they cost twice as much. I had a little trouble getting it lit properly but that is probably due to not letting them suit for a few more weeks One of the best smelling cigars I've ever had as well.
Frosty in Norfolk, VA February 15, 2011
"The Best"
I received a box of these cigars from Famous Smokes over a year ago, almsot 2. When I opened it up the cigars were so moist I could crush them flat and they'd spring back. So I left them in my humidor for over a year. I'd had them before and I was super impressed by the strength,draw, and the complexity of flavors. After almost 2 years in my humidor I smoke them sparingly because they are sooooo good. These are probably the best full bodied, complex cigars you can buy for the price. Definitely a must smoke for lovers of the full bodied cigars that are more than a mouthful of powerful smoke.
jack in san antonio July 20, 2010
"A must try if you like full bodied cigars"
My "go to" cigar. I've had cigars that cost 3 times as much and are not as good. A must try for those who like full bodied cigars!
Jeffrey in Marietta July 9, 2010
"Like an Ashton VSG"
I am a big fan of the VSG series, but this cigar is just about as good at about 1/4 the price, To me it tastes slightly sweeter, and just a tiny bit (and I mean a tiny bit) less full bodied. This may be the best cigar value out there if you like full bodied cigars.
Mike in Midwest June 6, 2007
"One of The BEST!"
These are among the very best cigars in the world if you want a complex, very full bodied cigar with consistent quality in construction and flavor. El Rico is one of those modest or midline price point cigars such as Joya Antanos, El Reys, many Toranos and Olivas that actually exceed expectations and are often better than much higher priced lines.
Clarke in Panama City January 9, 2007
"The Leader of the Pack!!"
My hat's off to the El Rico Habano "maduro". If you love a full bodied smoke that has great flavors all the way to the nub and you don't have $300 a box to spend, then this is the stick for you. Fyi: if you buy 5 pack samplers, make sure you buy them in a box w/ cellophane, no zip lock baggies. It makes a huge difference. Also great cigars are never STRONG, they're always full bodied.
DEREK in Bakersfield, Ca July 30, 2005
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