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El Rico Habano Double Corona Reviews [view details]

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"Full Flavor"
This Cigar is the only Cigar I've smoked for seven years. I've tried others, but none have moved me like the El Rico Habano. This Cigar reminds me of the (old) Cuban Punch in strength and flavor. Exhale just a bit through the nose for an extreme flavor sensation!
Dan in Idaho December 9, 2010
"One of the best I've ever had!"
I am a huge, long time fan of La Gloria and Ernesto in general. This cigar, in my opinion, is the best thing he?s done?and that?s saying a lot! The packaging is beautiful, just slide the lid off of the box and the aroma alone will have you sold for life. I absolutely love a box of cigars out of the cellophane and wish more manufacturers would do the same. Eat plenty before lighting up; this cigar is very strong, just as strong as the Litto Gomez series. Very spicy with strong cedar notes but not the least bit harsh. You can smoke this one down to a nub, and it goes great with a fine Glenlivet. Stick with Ernesto, he hasn?t let me down once!
Brandon in Oklahoma City, OK March 26, 2010
"5 Years and still my Favorite"
I reviewed these 5 years ago. I've tried many others and still keep coming back for more. (See below) They still round off the edge and mellow me out. When you have time to relax for a long smoke, these fill the bill. Great flavor and with a real kick and no dragon mouth aftertaste.
Spanky in California December 8, 2007
"Not a Bad Cigar!"
To my lady and I don't think they are a full bodied smoke all the through until the end. This cigar is something we would buy once in a blue moon. Every cigar smoker has different taste but we would rather smoke the La Gloria Cubana or a Rocky Patel Edge over it anyday for a full bodied satisfaction.
Jeff in Mesa, AZ August 29, 2007
"Near Perfection"
The pre-light taste and aroma give you hints of good things to come. While this may not be the most complex cigar (like consistent spicy, meaty/hint of salty/sweet flavor is a bad thing), it rivals anyting out there from any country. Great construction/burn/draw with a full flavor profile (sans any harshness) that mellows slightly near the end. Near perfection!
BJH in Portland, OR September 23, 2006
"El Rico Habano the best for full flavor."
Far and away my favorite cigar. It is consistent in quality and flavor. Meant to be smoked with a good scotch, bourbon or brandy. These are better than the originals of a few years ago and I was fond of them. If you like rich, full bodied cigars this is for you.
Clarke Steele in Atlanta, GA July 15, 2003
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10 Taste (95) 100
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10 Construction (85) 100
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