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El Suelo Terreno Reviews [view details]

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"favorite cigar for the price"
have been looking for a inexpensive cigar and found it. This tastes as good if not better then most of the $10 range cigars I have smoked. I love the taste of this cigar and the way it burns and looks is unreal for this price.
Ken in Algonquin,Il August 29, 2014
"The New Gold Standard"
If you love Tatuaje of course , Kristoff Ligero and the better Alec Bradleys, this should be your everyday cheap smoke. It sets a new standard by which all bundle cigars should be judged.
MacBryan in Malaysia June 26, 2014
"Stay away! To good of a stick to buy!"
Smoked so much from the top shelf to the bottom. Pete and the Garcias know how to present tobacco in a way that keeps one jones'n for another despite your income. To affordable for a cigar that may take the place of your fancy stick.
Joey P. in Louisville,Ky July 23, 2013
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