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EP Carrillo Core Line Reviews

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EP Carrillo Core Line Encantos
"A Disappointment"
Purchased a box in December 2011. They had a far too overpowering ligero burst and I let them rest. Nearly 3 years later, I tried another this evening. Burn, construction and draw are excellent. However, the taste consists of oil, mud, and black licorice with no sweetness. No balance. No complexity. No evolution during the smoke. A one note overpowering smoke. I have great respect for Mr. Carrillo. I just wish his cigars were more consistent. The Golosos with the natural wrapper are an outstanding smoke. Not this one.
Joe P. in Phoenix, AZ October 30, 2014
EP Carrillo Core Line Club 52
This is not average. It s noticeably smoother than your average maduro. If the wrapper is having burn problems, this is because of your storage. Been through4-5 boxes of these. ALWAYS consistent.
Name in Location April 17, 2014
EP Carrillo Core Line Encantos
"Ohh.. What the hack !?"
Was plugged, it was not burn at all, i have try'd an almost 10 minutes to just lit it, but with no success.. Then i cut it and try'd again, still couldnt lit it, so i trow it away, so shame.. :/
Raz in Israel October 4, 2013
EP Carrillo Core Line No. 4 5 Pack
"Well Done!"
Once again E.P. has put out another great cigar. Big fan of Earnest and will continue to purchase his cigars. Would recommend all maduro smokers to try.
Sarky in MA April 30, 2013
EP Carrillo Core Line Club 52 5 Pack
"Good Cigar"
Big fan of E.P. and enjoyed every bit of this cigar. Would recommend this to anyone who likes a good smoke after a hard days work!
David in MA April 30, 2013
EP Carrillo Core Line Churchill Especial
"spicy and noteworthy"
Fairly full-bodied. Very similar (not surprisingly) to a La Gloria Cubana Serie R. Rich and spicy, but not overwhelming...
Neil Poss in Texas March 28, 2013
E.P. Carrillo Edicion Limitada Dark Rituals 2011
"Great Cigar"
I was looking for something different to smoke. I went to the local cigar shop and spoke with the manager. I told him that I was looking for something mild and good taste. He suggested the Carrillo. I have now started smoking the Carrillos and gave up on the cheap stuff. Great cigar and taste. Great burn. Worth every dollar.
Ray in Maine March 4, 2013
EP Carrillo Core Line No. 4
"Great Cigar for the Price"
I have always enjoyed all of the La Gloria Cubano cigars and consider them one of my go to every day cigars. When I found out that the creator of them came out with this line I had to try them. It is a great medium body smoke with lots of texture and creamy flavor. Draw was extremely easy and it left a nice taste in my mouth. This is a great cigar for the money. I plan on buying more!
Dsgloves in MA November 28, 2012
EP Carrillo Core Line Encantos
"Great when it was burning"
Very strange. Good thick and rich smoke and the next draw 30 to 45 seconds later it was out. Once I got three good draws. I lit it at least six times to get halfway through the stick, but gave up and tossed it.
Roger in Fredericksburg, VA October 3, 2012
E.P. Carrillo Edicion Limitada Inaugural 2009
"Great smoke, consistent."
Medium body, great flavor! The draw was easy the burn was perfect. I have purchased a few boxes and they are very consistent!
Tom in Jersey May 8, 2012
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