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EP Carrillo E-Stunner Reviews

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EP Carrillo E-Stunner Siboney
"One of the better ones"
I recently received a E-Stunner along with my last order. I let it sit in my humidor for about 6-8 weeks. Last night I thought I d give it a try. Great medium to full strength, excellent draw. Lives up to it s name
Ned in Wellington, Florida June 3, 2014
EP Carrillo E-Stunner Brahman
"What did I just smoke?"
Not sure why the previous review said this had little flavor. This thing was a smoke bomb with bold flavor that smacked my taste buds all around. Good burn, and draw, but unfortunately the intense flavors didn t agree with me at all. Surprisingly no nic kick.
Tim in Florida May 29, 2014
EP Carrillo E-Stunner Siboney
"Aptly Named Cigar"
I found the cigar to be very mild. I happen to like mild cigars. The draw was easy and consistent throughout the entire smoke. The burn stayed true and slow, lasting a loooonnnng time for a mid-length stick. I found it to be a very lite cigar in weight. One interesting note: the outer wrapper was rolled with the veins on the outside, an interesting look. It was good with a Mexican-style beer and probably good with a clean, crisp, cold vodka.
Bob K in Long Island May 18, 2014
EP Carrillo E-Stunner Siboney
"OK Cigar"
Received a Siboney size as a sample. This is a OK cigar, rather mild with no outstanding taste or flavor. This cigar did leave a very slight bitter aftertaste. Thought I would check out the price as this is at least a well constructed cigar and with a 20% coupon would be good for friends on the golf course. After checking the price I will pass. This cigar is not for my taste.
Ronald in San Antonio May 3, 2014
EP Carrillo E-Stunner Siboney
"Not a bad cigar."
Worth a purchase and try cigar. Taste of woody, cedar and spice cigar. The taste was not overwhelming but still a full tasting cigar. The burn was uneven and I had to touch up the burn often. Other than the burn issue, this cigar is not bad.
Anthony in California April 26, 2014
EP Carrillo E-Stunner Brahman
"Worst of the Line"
I have tried each of the different cigars in the EPC line. While none of them are anything outstanding, this is by far the worst. NO taste, rough wrapper, fast draw. Ernesto really should have stayed with La Gloria in Miami. That was a great cigar when he was there.
Frankm DiBiase in naugatuck ct September 23, 2013
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