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EP Carrillo New Wave Connecticut Brillante Reviews [view details]

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"Tastes Like An Inner-tube"
The pros for this one was that it burned great and evenly, and the aroma was rather pleasant. The cons were everything else. It tasted like hot are and plastic, had quite a rip in the wrapper under the band, and had a tight draw. I could not get beyond the halfway point with this one. Quite a disappointment.
SamG in January 17, 2015
"I like em--repeat buyer"
I ve bought 5-ers of these Brillantes several times. I like them as a midday cigar. They re lovely, never had construction problems, draw is neither loose or tight, and flavor is really fine. I smoke about 3 cigars a day and I like to keep these around for when I want a milder moderate-bodied smoke.
doodleysquat in Richmond, VA November 18, 2013
"Fell Apart"
I did everything right with this stick yet halfway through it literally started to fall apart on me. Perhaps I had the one bad stick out of the box, but I would not try another. Too bad because it really tasted goid.
Cpac in Rhode Island September 7, 2013
"good...if you like smoking air."
Got a couple of these with a boutique sampler. After letting them chill out in the humidor for about a month I smoked the first one on a nice sunny afternoon. The wrapper cracked in 3 different places upon lighting it up and my humidor is set at around a constant 75, as I like my cigars more on the moist side for a slower burn, so i know it wasn't dry. The cigar had little to no flavor and was literally like smoking air or maybe a Marlboro Light. It was not creamy and felt like a cheap and poorly made stogie. It did burn fairly even and had a decent draw on the last half to one third, but still did not gain any flavor throughout. Also had a bitter after taste, reminiscent of a cheap cigar. Maybe the others will be better but honestly I will probably give that one out to a friend the next time I have people over and we smoke a stogie. At least I know I won't be losing anything. Definitely a straight filler in that sampler. Would never buy again for sure.
Corey in VA March 23, 2013
"So much better out there"
Burned uneven for me and it had little to no flavor. I ended up just throwing it away. It was bit like smoking a cigar. I'm not a Pro at this stuff so take my comments with a grain of salt. Try one before you buy more.
Shakewell in Bay Area March 3, 2013
"Brillantes has a bad drawn and poor favors"
The E.P.Carrillo New Wave Connecticut Brillantes size has construction problem. It was tighted; therefore, I didn't enjoyed good favors of the cigar like I did on the Stellas size.
T-cigar in Texas January 13, 2013
"Very flavorful"
I found this cigar very flavorful and mild. The burn was a bit uneven and one of the wrappers came loose toward the end, but the flavor made up for these deficiencies.
Dominck in Chicago August 25, 2012
"Deserves more credit!"
I recently got back into cigars and ordered the Best of Boutique sampler (and some other samplers). Of the 30 cigars I put in my humidor, smelling each one and pinching them slightly I new this was the one to smoke first. It was not a letdown and was the best cigar I've had. Nutty for sure, creamy for sure and most of this hit after the first 1/3, i would've taken it to the nub if my wife's dinner wasn't hot and ready to eat! Will be ordering more of these.
Marc in June 5, 2012
"little to no flavor, not worth it"
This is a mediocre cigar at best, not worth the money nor the time it takes to smoke it. Will never buy again.
gregg in hawaii April 15, 2012
"Box Worthy..."
This a surprisingly good smoke for the money. It starts out med-mild and picks up strength as it burns. Has a great flavor, a very enjoyable stick any time of the day. I smoked the first one with one day of rest and expect them to improve with more humidor time.
Don S. in Jacksonville FL January 11, 2012
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10 Construction (75) 100
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