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Euro Sticks Reviews

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Euro Sticks Cigarillos
"Nasty Nasty Nasty"
Taste is everything and this has nothing. Smells bad out of the box and tastes even worse.
c in Texas December 9, 2013
Euro Sticks Panatela
"Not bad!"
I bought a box of these mainly due to curiosity and I was not disappointed at all, in fact, I actually like these panatelas! They smell very good right out of the box, and they look a bit like a normal cigarillo, but not wrapped in paper. They taste a bit like a normal cigarillo and have a numbing effect. I also thought they tasted heavily of cedar, but overall, they just have that traditional tobacco taste. Nevertheless, I enjoy them. The are great for when you don't have the time to enjoy a larger and more time consuming cigar. I prefer them much more than cigarillos, and I will probably buy them in the future!
Ben in Pennsylvania, USA October 11, 2013
Euro Sticks Cigarillos
DARRIN in NORTH CAROLINA October 9, 2013
Euro Sticks Panatela
They were okay, nice to try. Now I can say I had them and probably won't buy anymore.
Phil in Gainesville, GA October 7, 2013
Euro Sticks Panatela
"Lots of Flavor"
I just got these Euro Sticks this last week and have smoked half of them. The draw is nice, the flavor is great, and I really like them. Will order many more.
John in Portage, WI September 29, 2013
Euro Sticks Panatela
I will never buy this cigar ever. Not at all.
Raul Colon in Chicago September 9, 2013
Euro Sticks Panatela
The cigar was OK+. Not too shabby but not very awe inspiring. It was 1/2" shorter and 1/16th narrower than it was supposed to be. If they correct the size given, or grow the cigar to fit their dimensions, I would consider them again but as is, because of the smaller size than given, I feel I was somewhat taken by this cigar retailer.
Romeoville Fan in USA September 6, 2013
Euro Sticks Cigarillos
Good little medium bodied smoke when you have time constraints. Easy draw, well constructed.
L W in Detroit September 6, 2013
Euro Sticks Cigarillos
Great quick smoke love them will order again
Jason Thompson in Jacksonn Tn August 8, 2013
Euro Sticks Panatela
"ok cigar"
Had a woodsy and had lots of smoke. I ordered only one with my order of CAO Brazilia Mini 20 cigars and it was delivered broken but that's all I had to say was bad about it all in all. It was good. Going to try the m2x dagger next.
Gloria in Michigan June 12, 2013
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