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Euro Sticks Panatela Reviews [view details]

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All I can say is WOW! It tastes really good! I smoked one while I was writing a long research paper. Totally made the writing process less painful. Ha Will consider this as the cigar I smoke while driving, and reading.
ChangstaL in Nashville, TN March 28, 2014
This is a perfect 20 minute cigar, perfect for the ride home. decent taste but really good draw and they hold together well.
Glenn in New Jersey March 13, 2014
"Not bad!"
I bought a box of these mainly due to curiosity and I was not disappointed at all, in fact, I actually like these panatelas! They smell very good right out of the box, and they look a bit like a normal cigarillo, but not wrapped in paper. They taste a bit like a normal cigarillo and have a numbing effect. I also thought they tasted heavily of cedar, but overall, they just have that traditional tobacco taste. Nevertheless, I enjoy them. The are great for when you don't have the time to enjoy a larger and more time consuming cigar. I prefer them much more than cigarillos, and I will probably buy them in the future!
Ben in Pennsylvania, USA October 11, 2013
"Lots of Flavor"
I just got these Euro Sticks this last week and have smoked half of them. The draw is nice, the flavor is great, and I really like them. Will order many more.
John in Portage, WI September 29, 2013
I will never buy this cigar ever. Not at all.
Raul Colon in Chicago September 9, 2013
"Nice mild goto smoke"
A little smoke that s a bit longer adding an extra couple minutes of good tobacco satisfaction. Milder than others I ve tried. Can t beat the price on a box of these, either! If you like a nice short smoker try these cured little gems.
Matt in NH June 11, 2013
"great little cigar"
Very good small cigar!
Mike in Ohio May 22, 2013
"Very good for the price"
First I got these as a promotional offer. I was plesently supprised. the tast was good, very mild, good draw. I would deffinatly suggest this product.
Robert G. in Kenosha Wisconsin April 29, 2013
"A great little cigar"
These are surprisingly good little cigars. Perfect for when you just want a great smoke and only have fifteen minutes. You won't regret buying a box of these.
David in Seattle April 16, 2013
"just light it!"
i would recommend this to people who wants to try or start smoking cigars.its very cheap and no need for a cutter and just light it and smoke it. would last more than 10 mins.. draw is smooth and light, taste is very mild to almost tasteless. has a very faint unpleasant after taste.but still better than cigars you can buy on shelves.
Joshua in San Diego, Ca July 18, 2012
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