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"Great Little Cigar"
These are a great little smoke. This is the 5th time I have ordered them and plan on the next order being the same. Smooth flavor and easy draw.
Everett T. in Oklahoma January 30, 2015
"Not Bad"
I got these free as a promo. Skinny things. Burn well, sweetness on the lips and good tobacco taste. If they were made as a Lonsdale, I would buy them. Just too small for me. Nice smoke.
Frank in Maryland June 21, 2014
They were okay, nice to try. Now I can say I had them and probably won't buy anymore.
Phil in Gainesville, GA October 7, 2013
The cigar was OK+. Not too shabby but not very awe inspiring. It was 1/2" shorter and 1/16th narrower than it was supposed to be. If they correct the size given, or grow the cigar to fit their dimensions, I would consider them again but as is, because of the smaller size than given, I feel I was somewhat taken by this cigar retailer.
Romeoville Fan in USA September 6, 2013
"ok cigar"
Had a woodsy and had lots of smoke. I ordered only one with my order of CAO Brazilia Mini 20 cigars and it was delivered broken but that's all I had to say was bad about it all in all. It was good. Going to try the m2x dagger next.
Gloria in Michigan June 12, 2013
I've had thoughts of smoking nothing but these. They're low maintenance, light quick, taste good and I smoke them to the last inch.
Todd in Mt Vernon, Wa April 6, 2013
"great idea, good smoke"
thought I'd give it a try - neat idea, good smoke
mh in ct February 11, 2013
"Good enough to keep smoking"
These aren't bad. They arent great either. Taste like you would expect a value short filler cigarillo to taste, until the last 3 inches, then it starts to fill out and you get some pretty good flavor. Alittle spice on the tongue, alittle woody in the nose. Then you're done. They look nice, presentation is good with the wooden box. Would be a solid smoke if the good flavors started earlier in the stick. Not a fantastic smoke, but not bad enough to give away.
Greg in Georgia January 11, 2013
Got these free,They are not bad at all,Well worth the price
Mike in Merced CA December 16, 2012
I did have my doubts with the cheap price but i was very surprised. It is a real mild smoke, great draw, slow burn and wonderfull flavor. The more you smoke the more flavors you can detect. theres sort of a woody but bright flavor and it is very good. Perfect for after a big meal or relaxing. Will be buying more!
Tim in MA December 4, 2012
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10 Draw (83) 100
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10 Appearance (88) 100
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10 Taste (86) 100
Poor Taste Rating Excellent

10 Construction (83) 100
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