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Excalibur 1066 Dark Knight Reviews [view details]

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"It will be a sad day...."
If Hoyo ever stops production of this line. Handsdown, this is my go-to cigar.. This is a very flavorful and smooth tasting cigar that looks amazing (very dark with tooth..) It produces a great smokey aroma that is very pleasant.. Reasonably priced for year long enjoyment too!
Mike D in NY December 20, 2007
"Black Knight is it!"
I feel that the taste is good in the start then to a spicy to bitter, although it is a dark cigar it is inconsistent to the burn. A comparrison is the ONXY Reserve Toro or the Romeo & Julieta(maduro)Reserve, those cigars are the two to compare and the C.A.O. Mx2 is another. Good cigar but no banana.
Mark Yule in FL July 8, 2007
This was a great cigar, up until the halfway point. Smooth with a slight sweetness to the aftertaste, then once I hit halfway it turned bitter. First half was worth it though, will buy again.
Gandalf in Portland March 31, 2007
Re-visit to an old favorite. Some taste inconsistency, but very good impression overall. Rich flavor when right and burn fine. Definitely back in the rotation. Five star jaw breaking smoke. Recommended.
Tom Hannon in PA September 19, 2006
"The Things I've Read/Reviews"
Well, I don't know what to say! I bought a box of these smokes when they first came out, and they have a great appearance with a nice toothy wrapper, and an excellent burn, along with an excellent draw. I never had any of the difficulties that have been described here!!
Ed D. Harvey in Seattle, WA April 23, 2005
"Beautiful but rough taste"
These are gorgeous, black, oily cigars. Well made and easy to smoke. My only complaint is that they taste kinda rough around the edges. Very full-bodied and robust, they need a few more months in the humidor to mellow and smooth out a little. After smoking a full box, I have not encountered the construction problems the other guys wrote about. If you can afford an extra $40 per box, buy Romeo y Julieta Reserve (Maduro) Robustos. If you can't, these are pretty good.
Mike in Arizona July 4, 2004
"Great cigar"
Great cigar but will not burn evenly
Anthony Palange in NEW YORK May 26, 2004
"uneven burn."
The last several boxes of this cigar have been a disappointment. The cigar will not burn even.
Ed Ferrante in Los Angeles, Ca May 18, 2004
"One of my favorite smokes,fullof flavor."
In my humidor there will always be a place for these babys.
Dareck Hawkins in San Diego,Ca December 14, 2003
"OUTSTSANDING The best cigar i have ever smoked!!"
The burn on the Black Night cigar is superb!! Even and clean the ash holds together great! And as far as taste goes this is definatly the worlds finest!! This cigar is outstanding and well priced what more can you ask for?
Kellie Spray in 29 Palms December 4, 2003
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