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Excalibur 1066 Dark Knight Reviews [view details]

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"Good cigar but a lot of work."
I left this cigar in my humidor for about 2 months before trying one. This is one strong cigar that tastes pretty good. It has a great draw and gives you a ton of smoke, which I really like. However, every cigar in the box burned crooked (extremely crooked) and wanted to go out about halfway through. Smoking these cigars proved to be a lot of work. If you don't mind working at the cigar, then I recommend it. But if you want a relaxing experience, smoke something else.
AD in Geneseo, IL October 3, 2003
"A Cup of Espresso"
This is one big powerful smoke! It's certainly a beautifully made and asthetically marvelous piece of work. Like a big red wine, this is going to need some time to mature I think. I gave mine a couple months in the humidor before trying them, but I think they will need about 6 months to come of their own. At first this is a big somewhat bitter smoke, but with hints of a very full complex flavor underneath. However the bitterness almost overpowers the richness. A wrestling match ensued. Which one of us was going to win? I gave it about 15 minutes and it really started to soften and allow the full richness to come through. By halfway, it was really a great smoke, complex and full bodied and a real mouthful. The ash was long, firm, a bit rough and almost black, indicating the possible need for more aging. The burn was extremely uneven, even with touching up. I had runners a half inch deep which continued to the end. I would guess with 6 months or more in a humidor, this will be a more balanced smoke and better from beginning to end.
Cecil in Stockton, CA July 29, 2003
"Wonderful wrapper, solid construction and Flavor !"
The Dark Knight has an exceptional wrapper, beautifully dark, with a oily sheen that leaves your fingertips feeling silky from just holding one of these cigars, try rubbing your fingertips together after handling one of these and you will feel what I mean. The Knight is solid, who ever heard of a soft-mushy knight anyway? The draw is good and the burn is acceptable, though I have experienced some uneven qualities. The taste....well, have you just finished a big dinner ? Or perhaps you are enjoying some fine liquer? That everyday smoke that you enjoyed so much after a light lunch this afternoon on the patio suddenly is like puffing on a piece of Melba toast? Maybe it's time to call in the Dark Knight, he'll save the day. Just don't give one to a Mac smoker, but if you do, take his car keys first
Dennis in Omak, Washington July 27, 2003
"very impressive"
I saw the advertisement for the Excalibur 1066 Dark Knight in an email. I decided to take a chance and now I have found my favorite cigar it s construction is excellent the burn was very even with a nice ash ,but the best part was the flavor of this cigar a times it was peppery and other times it was a cedary/leathery flavor at all times it was very smooth, just like a well aged scotch. Even my wife commented how good this cigar smelled It's definitely number one on my list
James Davie in Vanetten Ny July 1, 2003
"Great taste, great burn, nice construction"
This was an excellent cigar. First the taste was great, for a dark cigar it was quite smooth. The burn was perfectly even and the construction was solid. Solid construction can mean that it was wrapped to tightly but this wasnÂ’t the case in my opinion. Great cigar!
Levron in MI June 28, 2003
"Who says the Dark Knight is always the bad guy..."
Having smoked other Hoyo De Monterrey cigars, I bought a box sight unseen. This dark beauty has a peppery yet surprising smooth taste for a full cigar with a nice coffee like cedar aroma. The draw is excellent and it smoked consistently even with a nice long ash. If you enjoy Hoyo Sumatra this is a must try cigar!
F. Sperring in Bay Shore, NY June 16, 2003
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10 Construction (89) 100
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