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Excalibur 1066 King Arthur Reviews [view details]

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I recently ordered a 5 pack of these excellent smokes and the day I smoked the last one I ordered a full box. Each of the 5 I smoked burned razor straight, filled my mouth with tons of smoke and tasted exquisite. At 3 bucks a stick (when ording a box) you can't beat this cigar for an "every day" or "go to" cigar. Highly recommend!
Joel in Stephenville, Texas April 3, 2008
Looks gorgeous, feels great in hand, near flawless burn, outstanding taste. This one's a slam dunk for my humi.
Doyle Roberts in TX February 11, 2006
"Every gar has its' place"
This is THE cigar you want when you are listening to your old Pat Boone 8-tracks. It's well-made, lights, burns, and draws well, produces a nice smoke volume, stays pretty cool, and has a taste so mild you cannot imagine how they decided to name it after the robust King Arthur. If you like a nice, well-built, easy, cigar that's so mild you could smoke it on a roller-coaster with an empty stomach - here Ya go.
Jim Moore in Central Florida August 14, 2005
"Biggest Bang for your Buck!!"
I've been smoking cigars since 1967. This is far and away the best all-around cigar I've tried. Smooth, rich and tasty, it gives a fine presentation and aroma. It can hang with the expensive big boys and not bat an eye!
Vicky W. in Baltimore, MD July 9, 2002
"All the Excaliburs are the best"
I have smoked cigars for about 25 years and to me the Excaliburs are the greatest smokes out there. Smooth, burns even, taste of cocoa and sometimes a little nutmeg(?). Good smoke anytime of day or night. HdM makes several other of the best too.
Doyle in Harrisonburg, VA, USA April 25, 2002
"Another Great Excalibur"
Hoyo De Monterrey Excalibur 1066 King Arthur is another great smoke from my favorite cigar company. (Ex #1/HdM DemmiTassi) I gave a few to my friends and on my next order to Famous SmokesÂ’ they will be getting a box too. So will I! I love these wonderful cigars. Great taste, not too spicy or nutty. Full rich flavor with and a pleasant draw and a good burn. And they smell great. I have even had pedestrianÂ’s comment about their pleasant aroma.
Charles Burdick in Yokota Air Base, Japan November 2, 2001
"Great every day cigar."
I have to admit that the first one I took out of the box was a bit dry, but after that..wow! I have not been disappointed since. This is a great after dinner cigar. A spicy and robust and full flavor. I even caught a hint of cocoa on a couple of occasions. A firm yet smooth draw. I would recommend it to anyone that enjoys a full bodied cigar.
Manny A. in Tucson, AZ. October 27, 2001
"Top of the line for everyday price."
The Excalibur 1066 line is fantastic. The smoke is nutty, smooth, slightly spicey and rich. Out smokes and out tastes much more expensive cigars. I can't wait to get a whole box of these.
Barry Williams in Houston, Texas July 8, 2001
"Look out Partagas"
Tried one at the store and purchased a box. I've smoked 4 so far and they have not dissapointed. Perfect burn, long white solid ash and smooth flavors of lite nuts and sweet caramel. Smooth medium bodied finish down to the band.
Ed in New Jersey April 2, 2001
"Nice Stick"
Contrary to some of the other reviews for the 1066, I'm enjoying them. I've only smoked 4 out of the box, but I give them a "thumbs up". Beautiful cigar, oily, nice burn and draw, good robust flavors. I'm going to let them age awhile, and maybe snag a box of the Lancelots or Galahads.
Duncan in Texas March 23, 2001
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10 Construction (86) 100
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