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"dry and poor draw"
I just got these as part of a sampler pack. Having smoked them in the past, I was in for a treat, or so I thought. I lit one up in the back yard, and after about 25 minutes of trying to get a good draw on it, I gave up and chucked it in the fire pit. I still have 4 more to go in the pack, so maybe this was just an anomaly I will try the rest and rate again, but for now, I am disappointed.
Matthew in mutty62 October 2, 2011
"One Damn Good Cigar"
enough said
in March 29, 2011
It's a nice cigar with a nice feel and taste, but everyone of these unravelled an inch or so into the smoke. The wrapper seemed to be extremely thin, and when lit, the filler expanded and cracked the wrapper until it fell off and the cigar was unsmokable. They were either rolled with inferior materials or shipped to me in an exceedingly dry condition.
PNA in Massachusetts February 2, 2007
The BEST cigar I've ever smoked. I got it in a sampler pak of 30 different cigars and it was still delicious, smooth, well burning, consistent thru the whole smoke, no bitter taste at the end. Very cool on the tongue because of its length and ring size. To me this is the perfect cigar.
stuart in LA June 16, 2005
"Good cigar if you unplug them"
I just finished a box of these 1066 cigars and while I enjoyed their aroma and flavor I found them to have several problems. To get them to draw correctly I had to unplug every one of them and they also had a tendency to split eventhough I had aged them for over three months in the humidor. I will probably buy them again but believe that on a scale of 1 to 10 they only deserve an 8 rating.
Robert L. Rubalcaba in Rancho Mirage, California May 13, 2004
"Best Cigar for The Money"
The Lancelot is quite simply, the best cigar there is for the money. Having been smoking Cubans recently, I took a Lancelot out of the humidor and half way through I couldn't help wondering why am I bothering on much more expensive cigars when this one is superior. Rich, coffee and expresso flavors perfectly balanced. There are some great cigars out there and this one is one of the best and it doesn't financially cripple you to buy a box.
David in New Hampshire August 2, 2003
"Simply the best."
I like to try different cigars whenever I get a chance. I've smoked a few of the Hoyo dark sumatra's, and for the most part, I was not dissapointed. I am a maduro smoker, but I have recently developed a taste for cameroon. There was a box of Lancelot's in the same place that they usually keep the dark sumatra's, so I thought I might try one. This cigar look so well made, and smelled so good, I decided to save this one for a special occaision, so I picked the day we would first launch a missle into Bagdad. This cigar made a very tense situation a bit more bareable. After I found out exactly just who the missles were aimed at, I kicked back and enjoyed my cigar. This cigar may be among the finest in the world. Simply the best. God bless America!
JTB in Port Charlotte, FL March 25, 2003
I have been smoking cigars for over 30 years and the first Premium cigar I smoked was the Excalibur #1 back in 76 or 77. It was excellent and it drew me into premium cigars. I tryed all different types after that to experience the wealth of the cigar world. I later had another in the early 80's and I must have gotten a hold of the odd bad one but I never returned to them untill recently. I, for a long time had been smoking mostly cubans untill I started to become dissatisfied with inconsitancy issues. Some of my all time favorites like The Cuban Hoyo Double Corona were not up to par. I returned to Dominican-Hondorun and Nicaragauian Cigars. One of the first I went back to was The #1 Excalibur. Utterly Fantastic and far superior to its Cuban Namesake currently; Belive me. Naturally when the 1066 hit the street I had to try the Lancelot. Brilliant!!! Tastes like or better then A Cuban Hoyo Double Corona in a great year! I don't have to explain the difference in price at between $70-75/box verses $290 (the price I would pay in Spain for The Hoyo Double-Corona. Everyone who smokes these is smoking the Best there is. I will always be in the search for a superior cigar at some future time, But for now, THIS IS IT! A solid 10
Steve Pozza in Woodbury, NJ. February 6, 2003
"One Of The Best"
Delicious! One of the best cigars out there, including Cubans. This bold, complex, mildly spicy and creamy smoke has absolutely no bitter aftertaste contrary to its almost desserty goodness. For such a large cigar, the Lancelot is well constructed with a surprisingly easy draw, too. A sexy Cameroon. I am impressed!
j-lo in Reno, Nevada January 6, 2003
"A new favorite for me!"
The Excalibur 1066 Lancelot is a new favorite for me. More robust than the the Excalibur #1 (another favorite). Nice construction and draw. Rich flavor, very satisfying smoke.
Barry Lilly in McMinnville, OR April 22, 2001
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