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Excalibur Reviews

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Excalibur Epicure
"Great Smooth Smoke"
Great smooth smoke
Vinny in New York June 23, 2014
Excalibur Miniatures (20)
"WOW Great"
The best little cigar i have smoked try you will love them great taste and just makes you happy
Jason in Jackson,TN June 1, 2014
Excalibur #1
"Smoke What You Like NOT The Name"
OK, I have been into Excaliburs for over 10 yrs. The funny thing is when I got into cigars I did not know about names and brands, but I did know I liked Maduros, So I started trying every maduro I could get my hands on. I found after try the Excalibur I love them. How do I know when I love a cigar, when I also burn my finger tips trying to get one or two more puffs out of it. I have about 10 to 12 cigars I like and more then 300 in my humidors. Most are age over a year, and I always get the same MMMMMMM when I lite up an Excalibur
Dave in So Cal November 30, 2013
Excalibur #3
"Favorite since 1996"
My favorite since law school. I ve tried many, but keep coming back to this one. Nutty finish. Very nice
Kyle in Nashville, TN November 4, 2013
Excalibur #3
"Tastes OK, draw is awful"
I bought a 5-pack and consistently every cigar has had an unbearably tight draw. Clipping off the first inch and reaming out from the base has helped but still not enough. Won t buy again.
zin guy in mountain view, CA November 3, 2013
Excalibur Cigarillos (20)
"Pleasant Surprise"
Being a long-time fan of Macanudo Miniatures and Partaga Miniaturos, I was skeptical that someone would produce a cigarillo that compared at less than half the price--But these come close enough that they've already become a regular for me! Yes, they draw a bit faster and burn a bit hotter than Macs and Partagas, but I find them every bit as enjoyable, especially at the price! No unravel either, not a one.
Eric in MN October 2, 2013
Excalibur Miniatures (20)
"Very Pleasantly Surprised"
I don't smoke regularly anymore, but I occasionally indulge in cigars and I don't like the big ones. I picked up a pack of these at Total Wine for $7.99, and lit one up as I was walking home. These are about 3 dollars cheaper than the comparable product from Nat Sherman, and a lot better IMO. They have a great flavor that is complex but not overwhelming, and the price can't be beat. Considering the fact that a pack of these cost about the same as a decent single cigar, and the size guarantees no waste, these are a wonderful value. I highly recommend these cigars for an occasional smoker such as myself.
Eric in New Mexico September 5, 2013
Excalibur #1
"Consistent smoke time after time"
I've been smoking cigars for 28 years and I continually find myself coming back to this cigar time and time gain...always a great smoke, the most consistent of any cigar I've tried in those 28 years...I can always count on a fantastic experience with this one...I rate it a 98...but that's just me!!! Check it out and I think you'll agree it's a great smoke
Doug in Los Angeles August 20, 2013
Excalibur Cigarillos (20)
"Better than I imagined"
Got some of these to try smoking cigars again been out of it for 15 years . I'm an avid pipe smoker and got these on a whim. Had my first one after dinner and WOW! A bit peppery and hot towards the end but entirely satisfying. All I can say is, I'm back!
Matt in NH May 31, 2013
Excalibur #1
"Outstanding Smoke, a MUST try"
This cigar was a gift, so I was a little apprehensive at first, but BOY WAS I WRONG! This is a fine smoke, its burn was very consistent requiring no relights or touch-ups, even and consistent with an easy draw and smooth taste all the way down to the end. It will DEFINITELY be a regular in my humi. HIGHLY recommended!
Rob McGill in San DIeog January 26, 2013
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