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Excalibur Reviews

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Excalibur Miniatures (20)
"Excellent for the Price"
Overall I love the Cigarillo's. They are a great 10-15min smoke and they are always consistent and have a nice medium-full bodied flavour. These are by far one of the best cigarillo's I have bought in years.
Matt in Philly December 19, 2012
Excalibur Epicure
"Near Perfect"
Ijust got back into cigars after a long absence. I had mixed rememberances about Hoyo's. In the last 5 months I probably have sampled 30 different offerings. This Excalibur Epicure is in the top 5. Beautiful full smoke. Near perfect draw and construction Nutty to Caramel mild/medium flavor. My favorite combination and a good value. To those who found poor burn and flavor my experience tells me that when others are raving and you can't understand it you might look to your tobacconist. Odds are somewhere in the chain the cigars weren't properly cared for
Regis in Long Island December 9, 2012
Excalibur Miniatures (20)
"The best small cigar I have smoked!"
I have smoked this cigars for over four years, and their quality has always been consistent and excellent taste.
Jesus in Boca Raton, FL May 24, 2012
Excalibur #1
"i enjoyo de hoyo"
got this in a bonus free 5 pack, what a treat, havent had one of these sence they were a 2-$3.00 cheapie many years ago, nice med-lite gar full of flavor,,great aroma, nice burn & draw,,appearance and construction was pretty good. I think i;ll start buying some of these again
russell in brigantine,nj March 26, 2012
Excalibur Cigarillos (20)
"Good break CIgar"
I enjoy these dureing my breaks at work, or driving in the car. They were a little stronger than i was told they would be but after the first couple smokes i enjoyed every one.
Scott in Rochester, NY December 28, 2011
Excalibur #1
"Great Smoke"
Fantastic cigar, have smoked them for over 20 years and never had a bad cigar....Enjoy them...
GILBERT BERG in ORLANDO, FL November 15, 2011
Excalibur Cigarillos (20)
"Good Tasting Cigar"
A good tasting cigar, especially for the price. I can't keep my brother out of them, he has "borrowed" 2 boxes. A very good cigar.
Alton Stubblefield in Elmore City, Oklahoma August 11, 2011
Excalibur #2
Great smoke
Jeffrey Bossingham in Weiser June 20, 2011
Excalibur Miniatures (20)
"A fine cigar with Kona Coffee"
An exceptional value for the price, anytime. Especially good with Kona Coffee after dinner.
Chris in Kula, HI May 9, 2011
Excalibur Epicure
"smooth, mild connecticut"
prelight--not the best looking stick, a lot of small bumps throughout. a bit of soft spots, but no large veins. double cap wrapper. first third--light coffee bean and smooth taste from the first draw. second third--a tad bit of spice, but consistent, creamy smoothness last third--just a tad bit of caramel. still the coffee bean dominates. conclusion--mild, consistent smoke. not complex or dense at all, but it could b a reliable, mild smoke. impeccable burn until the last 1.25 inch.
MJ in CA April 7, 2011
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