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Excalibur Epicure
"smooth, mild connecticut"
prelight--not the best looking stick, a lot of small bumps throughout. a bit of soft spots, but no large veins. double cap wrapper. first third--light coffee bean and smooth taste from the first draw. second third--a tad bit of spice, but consistent, creamy smoothness last third--just a tad bit of caramel. still the coffee bean dominates. conclusion--mild, consistent smoke. not complex or dense at all, but it could b a reliable, mild smoke. impeccable burn until the last 1.25 inch.
MJ in CA April 7, 2011
Excalibur Epicure
"tremendous cigar."
I can't understand Rob from Maryland. The Epicure was smooth and nutty with a perfect burn. I've gone through many boxes of Hoyos and not a problem with any of them. I could count the touch-ups on one hand. Currently I'm finishing the box of Epicures and not a problem with construction, draw, taste, or burn. I've also smoked many Rocky Pstels and the only thing I can say is, it's a good cigar but not near worth the price Rocky Patel thinks it's worth. No Rocky is more than a three dollar stick.
Anthony Palombi in West Middlesex, Pa. April 6, 2011
Excalibur #1
Just got my first shipment of these wonderful smokes,Having been a loyal Sultan smoker I wanted to try something with a bit more body and thhe Excalibur does not dissapoint. Great draw and burn with full flavor and you can't go wrong at this price one of the best values on the market.
Tom in Rhode Island February 18, 2011
Excalibur Epicure
"Great tasting smoke!"
Great tasting smoke. A good, even burn with a strong but subtle taste. A must have for any seasoned cigar smoker
Kevin Marburger in N Topsail Beach NC February 8, 2011
Excalibur Epicure
"Good flavor. Good burn."
The five pack arrived today and I smoked one. The draw was a bit tight, but the flavor and burn of the cigar were quite nice. The rest should get better in the humidor. I plan to buy a bundle.
Daniel in Los Angeles January 27, 2011
Excalibur #2
"Great Cigar for the Price"
This is a great smoke during a round of golf. Burns well, stays lit nicely and lovely flavor and draw for such a reasonable price.
Golfer in Nashvile in Nashville January 6, 2011
Excalibur #1
Please don't buy this cigar. I want them all for myself !!
Marc P in Houston November 9, 2010
Excalibur Epicure
"ok, but wouldn't order again"
Flavor was not good. Did not enjoyit. Put it out half way through.
Patrick in NY September 14, 2010
Excalibur #2
"Not as good as used to be"
I've been smoking these for 20 years. I enjoyed them for their easy draw and rich taste. However, the draw has become much more throttled, the construction obviously not as good, which makes it hard to enjoy the taste. Considering a change.
Max in Chattanooga TN July 25, 2010
Excalibur Epicure
"Best smoke yet"
Consisently the best. I am not at all an expert and have stuck with sample packs for years but this one stood out in the crowd. Mild to the end. My fingers got hot when the cigar gets down to less then an inch before the smoke does. And I usually dump a cigar as soon as it gets hot or bitter which is some where around three inches. But not these.
Mike in Stockton, Ca April 7, 2010
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