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"Pleasant Surprise"
Being a long-time fan of Macanudo Miniatures and Partaga Miniaturos, I was skeptical that someone would produce a cigarillo that compared at less than half the price--But these come close enough that they've already become a regular for me! Yes, they draw a bit faster and burn a bit hotter than Macs and Partagas, but I find them every bit as enjoyable, especially at the price! No unravel either, not a one.
Eric in MN October 2, 2013
"Better than I imagined"
Got some of these to try smoking cigars again been out of it for 15 years . I'm an avid pipe smoker and got these on a whim. Had my first one after dinner and WOW! A bit peppery and hot towards the end but entirely satisfying. All I can say is, I'm back!
Matt in NH May 31, 2013
"Good break CIgar"
I enjoy these dureing my breaks at work, or driving in the car. They were a little stronger than i was told they would be but after the first couple smokes i enjoyed every one.
Scott in Rochester, NY December 28, 2011
"Good Tasting Cigar"
A good tasting cigar, especially for the price. I can't keep my brother out of them, he has "borrowed" 2 boxes. A very good cigar.
Alton Stubblefield in Elmore City, Oklahoma August 11, 2011
"Excalibur Cigarillos hit the mark"
These are the best little quick smoke I've found, and I've looked for years.
Ron Karns in CA March 10, 2007
"Strong,. a bit harsh, not to all tastes"
Those, like me, expecting a pleasant mild cigarillo will be disappointed with these. Strong, not entirely pleasant taste (and nasty aftertaste) I don't much care for but which some may like. I started calling these "Excalibur by Jose' the Degenerate" but didn't dislike them enough to throw them out: I finished all 5 tins I bought, grumbling all the way through.
Mark in Florida July 8, 2006
"Very strong despite the small size."
Very strong despite the small size. Not a cigar to enjoy after dinner in my opinion. The aftertaste is not to my liking, that being said, it's not bad, just not what I was expecting. Good burn, good consistency.
Brant Butler in Texas September 14, 2004
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