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Excalibur Epicure Reviews [view details]

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"Great Golfing Cigar"
FSS recommends these for the golf course and I can see why. They are nice tasting but not so complex that you will want to contemplate your cigar instead of concentrating on your swing. The construction is excellent and burns evenly with a nice, white ash. I find that it burns down relatively quickly, probably because being a lighter cigar, I draw deeper and more often. So, when I order a box, it will be the Churchill size.
Gregg in Concord, NH February 19, 2007
"Great overall"
This cigar draws and burns excellent, does not bitter up at any time and remains lit perfectly. It keeps a well balanced semi strong flavor. It was the perfect companion of some cognac. Excellent choice quality vs price.
Emilio Espejo in Connecticut September 9, 2006
"Lighter in flavor?"
No, the Epicure was really bitter. I had to put it out and get a good maduro to rid my mouth of the horrible taste.
Jeff in Albuquerque August 9, 2006
"Great Mild Cigar"
I got this as one of the cigars in the Famous Super Premium Sampler. It's been in the humidor for a couple of months and I got around to trying it today. I found it to be an incredibly tasty mild smoke. It burned well, drew effortlessly and the ash was white and tight. The price is right and I'll be buying more of these.
Boxtakilla in Irvine, CA May 19, 2006
"My favorite cigar to this date..."
The Excalibur Epicure is extremely smooth and creamy. Not bitter nor harsh, burns well and finishes completely tasty. This is my favorite cigar and, up to this point, the best cigar I've had. I know everyone has different tastes in cigars, but you should try one of these beauties. The nice taste lingers in your mouth for hours after smoking. Ok, I'll stop now. Try one for yourself. I am buying some for my sister's wedding in July, but I may be stingy and not share.
Boonedoggle in Woodbridge, VA May 3, 2006
"Solid, mild & spicey, but bad finish"
The Epicure starts mild with faint peppery taste, peppery taste builds a bit and then the filler flavor thickens until it is mostly just smokey and uninteresting, with no spice and nothing to replace it. Impeccable construction, perfect draw, excellent ash, beautiful solid cigar, no doubt. Not as strong as the Hoyo de Monterrey, but not very interesting after the first 1 ½ inch. I'm going back to Padron 3000. If you like the spicey flavor, try La Fontana Galileo, which finishes much better.
Overworked in CA February 17, 2006
"Excalibur Epicure"
This is an exceptionly great cigar. Taste, burn, construction it's all there. I would recommed this as a must try. You won't be disappointed.
Brent Murphy in Morristown, Tn February 21, 2005
I would have to say that this is the best smoke for the money I have ever had. It burns even, does'nt take long to smoke, and has a very smooth taste. I would highly reccomend this cigar.
matt eberharter in lake stevens wa. August 13, 2003
"Gimme a steak and an Epicure"
I've been a maduro man for a number of years and just came back to a natural wrapper with the Epicure. Man...have I been missing out! This baby has a nice smooth taste and draw. Flawless construction. Keeps a good long ash. No bitterness or bite. Had one after a huge steak dinner at Harry Carey's in Chicago. Came back to Texas and ordered me a box pronto.
George in Corpus Christi, TX June 21, 2002
"Hope Santa is reading this."
A favorite. The only dissapointment is when you have to put it out. Another hard to lay down cigar. Great for a evening stroll or with a few "brewskies" at the pub. Paleeze Santa, bring me a box, or three.
Craig in Sevierville, Tennessee April 28, 2002
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